An Indian Civilizational Perspective



Every time someone says “thank you” to somebody for something. A powerful spark of divine love illuminates our world, also a pleasant fragance emanating from the spiritual garden perfumes our world, and harmonious celestial music is attracted into our green-blue planet.
Early this morning, both my mind and heart were struck by an inspirational thought: If we are God’s children then we are allowed by God Himself to bless our brothers and sisters. In order not to be missunderstood our mouths can say “thank you”, but our hearts would say “I LOVE YOU!”
Also I’ve just realized that I’ve never thank God for the success of somebody. This person thanks to God’s inspiration was able to create something useful, something that sooner or later we will be enjoying with our love ones. I firmley believe that if right now, at this precise moment we start blessing these amazing people for their useful contributions we will indeed succeed in making this world a much better place to live in. Our harmonious attitude of gratitude not only to our Maker, but to individuals will make the big difference. It will be by emphasizing the positive aspects of our productive lives and more importantly other people’s lives that our never ending self spiritual improvement will find ideal growing fields full of harmony, peace and Divine love.

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