Effective Auric Reinforcement


Our auras posses a double composition of energy: The one belonging to our physical body whose influence is felt about a foot from our skin, and the other whose main component is pure psychic-spiritual energy that belongs to our higher self. Its influence is felt at ten feet.

In esoteric secret teachings there are several ways to greatly increase its magnetic-electric energy field, and because they are secret I’m going to give you my own formulas in order not to brake the promises made to them.

This exercise will be easily done if we use our imagination.
Please let’s imagine that our auras have a fourth dimention. It means that in a strict spiritual sense this is the way real things are. So by having for just seven minutes this fixed thought now face eastwards and by imagining that you are a magnet start attracting the four elements into your aura:

First imagine a healing pleasant fire. This fire starts descending from the top of your head, all the way down into your foot soles and even deeper, at ten feet underground. This is fire that doesn’t burn, but it does clean all your toxins whatever they may be; emotional, mental, physical or spiritual.

The now imagine water, but a very special cosmic water highly energized with beautiful bright colors, also perfumed with the fragances of a cosmic garden and illuminated with God’s blessings. This special water also helps you clean everything in you; outwards and inwards.

Now imagine all the energy coming from our planet ascending through your foot soles. This energy is a mixture of many minerals from deep inside the core of our planet. It begings to slowly ascend until it reaches the crown of your head., and then blends with the element air at ten inches above tour head.
Now the miracle element air. This element besides possesing vital oxygen also has an amzing eternal life force. This force entered in our body when you were born and had our first breath. We have forgotten this miracle, that’s why I suggest once a day for just three minutes to concentrate on the tip of our nose to welcome this supreme element, how it reaches our lungs and from there into our heart to vitalize each blood cell.

Please repeat this complete procedure facing the rest of our cardinal points; you stared with east, then face the remaining three points; south, west and north.

Here is the most important part of this exercise.
Now face once more east, but now try to absorb all the gifts from each element: Fire—Water—Earth and Air.
As each magical element is being integrated into our auras in a very peaceful and harmonious way. Let’s thank God wih such a passion that we even will cry shedding gratitude crystal tears.

Place your left hand flat on the right side of your chest and then place your right hand flat on the left side of your chest, close your eyes, raise your head , smile and thank God once more pronouncing a long vowel. Which vowel? The one you feel compel to repeat. This prolongued vowel will reach high above the sky strongly attracting very powerful Universal forces into your aura in the next twenty four hours.

Please kep me informed about the results of this mystic exercise.

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