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“That this wonderful day I can choose all the appriopiate thoughts , so they help me solve my daily problems whatever they kind, counting with God’s help and Divine Love. AUM-OM-AUM”

“A human being using his intelligence can take advantages from every opportunity as it presents itself. A wise person does the same, but he also knows how to take advantages of all his apparently disadvantages, frustrations, shortcomings and obstacles.”

Today I wish to share some useful insights regarding the different kinds of thoughts. This idea was a very strong inspiration.

Our reliable mental processes are backed up by a highly trained army (thoughts) in order to carry out their specialized fields of our daily actions. Unfortunally in most of us this army is far away to the reach of our mind. These thought soldiers are disperse, lost or distracted. Most times they are stationed on wrong places. Places where they can’t fulfill the mission they were asigned.

The way they should be formed is the following:

A.-Thoughts whose mision is to protect us, our love ones and our fellow human beings.

B.-Thoughts whose sacred mission has to do with all the fine arts.

C.-Thoughts whose mision is to be always highly creative.

D.-Beautiful altruistic thoughts.

E.-Abstract thoughts.

F.-Supreme relaxing thoughts that help us graetly to relax our body and mind.

G.-Pious thoughts that help us to be empathetic toward our fellow men. To undrstand the difficulties they are experiencing.

All of the above described help us a lot to become truly dual beings.
By doing this many so called miracles become part of our daily productive lives. We become divine blessings here on Earth.
What do I mean by being dual beings?

Human beings that fulfill all their responsabilities with a joyful heart. Who can satisfy perfectly their basic needs. They are good parents, spouses, sons, daughters, relatives and friends.
Human beings who by meditaing every day give their spiritual being opportunities to manifest all or some of their divine attributes, skills and gifts. A simple example? To be able to follow the wise advice of his/her intuition. Also to spnd at least an hour every week, preferly on their solar day, dwelling in his/ her mystic cell.

I really enjoyed sharing this important insight.
Your loving brother on the path.


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