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This not an easy topic needs some explanations. Let’s start with the love from children to their parents. It is appreciated on several stages. As small children, as big children, as teenagers, as young men and women and as adults.
As small children the influence of our soul personality has its strongence peak, so we still”recall” that for the benefit of this soul personality we were the ones that chose their parents.
As time goes by and small children become big children our physical body as well as our mind look to be independent from our soul personality. This is when our selfishness starts to manifest. It is on our teen years where the physical self becomes predominant and we feel rebellious to our parents rules, advice and discipline. Our endocrine system begins to release a lot of hormones to get us ready for reproduction.
This when a lot of mistakes are made due to the very strong physical needs from our bodies. Sex is first and then love. Big mistake! Our parents’s wise advice is an obstacle to satisfy our hungry to experience high emotional sates. And what about our loving parents? We wrongly assume that they’ve already lived their lives and now is our big chance to live ours.
This fast live avoid us thinking clearly. It’s time now to appreciate life from a parents perspective. When we becomew parents the first wrong assumtion we make is that the children we have are entirley ours, that we can do whatever we think is best for them. We forget that we were chosen by them and not that we chose them. A lo of times we become overprotective instead of overloving. Loving parents showing flexible discipline. This is when we need to be wise. Our intelligence many times fails. We wrongly think that by given them what we didn’t have we’re doing good. If instead we allowed the help our soul personality a lot of things would change for the better. I know this sound cold and not loving, but it isn’t. See your children as mature and wise soul personalities who need to adjust to their spiritual evolution.
Let’s repect their particular evolutionary path. Let’s remember that these soul personalities chose us for a reason. They knew that we had the love and wisdom to help them live their own lives. First they must realize that we are parents and then their true friends. When we’ve done our best in the most difficult profession for any human being; being a parent. Our felt satisfaction with be compared to nothing.
I dared to write this article and many more to come thanks to wise Shweta. She made me realize the relationship not only between Parents and children, but between siblings and friends. I’m not an expert on these fields I’m just a spiritual being expressing his points of view. Thank you!

  1. sherry says

    when i became an adult, i sometimes ignore the feeling of my parents. But now i ask myself to be more patient to them and visit them more.

  2. sherry says

    when i became an adult, i sometimes ignore the feeling of my parents. But now i ask myself to be more patient to them and visit them more.

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