Mexico's Magical Mystical 444 A.D


Today let’s make a mental-spiritual trip to The Pyramid of the Sun located inTeotihuacan, Mexico.

Once inside it in a special chamber we find another time traveling machine with a seat right in the middle of it. Let’s invoke the year 444 A.D. According to historians we can find interesting data in Mexico’s classical period (from 300 to 900 A.D) Besides Teotihuacan’s events, we also have Monte Albán and the Zapotec culture and The Mayan culture. So as you’ve just seen we have a lot of mysteries to discover in these amazing four places.

By spending just a single day in these magical-mystical places we will get much more insights than studying the usual way. Spring 444 A.D. Four days. Mexico. From sunrise to noon.
Invisible,. But able to sense the atmoshere felt on four ancient paths leading to these cultural places , always starting our walk from a point to the west of these places, so the sunlight will be on our backs and it illuminating all the scenery that offers us. Mother nature and man’s constructions.


We start our walk three kilometres west to Teotihuacan. It is sunrise, we are on a known path. The first thing we realize is the sound of our foot steps on this path. Always looking ahead. Next we become aware of the common sounds as we continue our walking. Try to have these sound sensations. Now our smelling sense will be put into dynamic action and will capture every different fragance coming from a hundred meters around us, as we keep on our steady step enjoying being right there, this full of dew, cool morning. Now our eyes are wide open to capture everything seen: Tree shades, our own shadow, how clear this morning is, as we look up at the cloudless blue sky watching some birds flying. We then streach our right hand to touch some plant leaves. We look at our left scanning everything even tiny natural objects. Now we turn our head to our right and do the same. Always absorbing every perception from our six senses.


Our first step taken on this path located just two kilometres west of Monte Albán. This path looks quite different from the path we walked on yestersay. What we notice first is the strong smell coming from Morther Earth. Never before in our entire life had we experience such vitality from this redish

color soil. It seems that every color is greatly enhanced here. Why?It is due to its special location. We do exactly the same steps I a we did on day one.


Your most amazing experience regarding Ancient Mexican History. The wonderful path that leads to the sacred city of Chchen Itzá where the temple-pyramid Kukulcán will be built in the XII century A.D . You will feel the special vibration arising from this magical spot, so you will know the main reason of the future construction also named as EL CASTILLO (the castle)


Today you must use your intution to place yourself on a special spot, indoors or outdoors at the time of the day or night.

By experiencing these four magical days your mind will be ready to integrat easily any new knowledge dealing with historic events wherever you wish to mentally travel; Asia, Europe, Australia, America. By the way about ten lives ago on which continent were you living?

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