Microsoft's Open Source Community – Codeplex – grows in last year

Did you know that Microsoft had its own version of Sourceforge? I didn’t. It is called Codeplex and people host open source projects there. In the last one year, it has grown by leaps and bounds. It now has over 120k registered users and 7,500 projects. Other stats are impressive as well:

Visits to the Website more than doubled to top 19-million in 2008, while new registered users were up more than 70 percent to over 66,000 and the number of new projects more than doubled to 4,542 over the year.

There does seem to be a lot of value in community effort and open source work. Apple has been using the community driven effort to enhance the applications that are coming to the iPhone and iTouch users. That has the potential of completely obliterating the laptop market one day, as per a close friend. Heck, if you can do all that you can with a laptop.. and more.. then why carry the heavy brick?

It probably would have been great if some portions of Windows or completely, it could be open to either open source or to community effort for some cool work.

Hopefully, Codeplex will be the first and one of the many steps of Microsoft in the area of Open Source.

Reference Links:

1. CodePlex: A Year in Review

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