Fascinating story of our Soul Personality

led435_0.jpgAccording to my humble experience and some others, the time invested in searching for deja-vu’s is definitely well worth.

The first positive manifestation is that we start to listen to Nature. Like in the movie THE SOUND OF MUSIC we indeed are able to listen to PATCHA –MAMBA. Hills, beaches, deserts, forests, jungles, sky, clouds, even gardens, planets, moon, sun, and the whole Universe begin their amazingly beautiful melodies, so immediately we are mesmerized by such special musicians. After this difficult to describe experience , our life changes for the better.Our sensitiveness for knowing people’s desires is greatly improved, so we can’t look the other way, seeming that we haven’t been aware of their needs. But the most amazing fact is that our affinity with small children increases a lot. Their need for being loved , understood and supported becomes a very loud voice in our now sensitive ears. We become not only our children’s spiritual teachers, but many of them become our spiritual instructors. Amazing, right? Quite amazing indeed!

Now, if you are really interested in remebering all the positive aspects of our former lives, in order to become in the here and eternal now much better versions of positive, creative, loving and enlighten human beings , it is much easier than we dare to imagine.

In every meditation by allowing our soul personality to add pieces of visions of our past lives we will learn by discovery.

How wonderful and super interesting our lives have been! It really doesn’t matter if we were kings or pesants. What really matters is that we were spouses, children, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, friends, grandparents etc. And the wisdom gained through these family relationships is greater than the material knowledge we would have acquired in our professions.

I really expect somebody can help me out with these post about the real importance of reincarnation viewed and appriciated from personal human experiences.

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Posted by Adriana Ochoa on Monday, January 26th, 2009

My smelling sense is hypersensitive, It is amazing how can I smell things, that others hardly notice.
For sure remembering, was a great victory over my rational mask. I always had a dream, where I was dressed in yellow dress and had a beautiful voice. I saw myself as a daughter of an Afro American woman and Arian man. Every time the dream was the same: I saw myself in blues club singing and a big audience watching. The fist time I touched Chicago, in this transit, I was so well orientated as if I knew the city. The people that joined me called me; Wabage girl, due to the fact that I could take a leap from that street to the rest of Chicago Downtown. For many reason I love this city.

Ten years ago I started weekly reunions with a group that was in the path of searching. In a meditation session, my teacher took us to a temple named Alden (I was stunned when I read about your name). I told my teacher -Marco-, that during meditation in the temple a sage came towards me and gave me a sword. The sage told me that it had always been with me and that I would know when to use it. That night I dreamed about it and saw the radiant sword. So next week the teacher asked me if I was ready for a regression, my answer was: YES. Marco told me that in a deep meditation his own guide told him about the 13 holy elements. So he said that; the sword was carried by a woman with an S name. It was as if a flash had stroke me, I suddenly saw a woman dressed in black walking through a street of Florence just before the break of dawn. She was scared, could see the Santa Maria del Fiore, and as the sun appeared she clearly saw the light reflected in the Dome still halfway of its construction. Her house was in front of what we know, now as the Uffizi Palace. I started talking in third person then, I started talking in first person, not a storyteller any more but a living being inside those shoes.

Florence 1432 my name was Sarda. I was in the search, and as I got in my house I walked directly to the fountain in the middle of the house, I just took the sword I was caring and dive it in the water. I knew I was not ready to use it. My dad, that was at the other end of the columns was watching me with such a gaze I could not turn back to look at him. He just gave and order and 2 of his servants took me by the arms and without hesitating locked me in a tower. I only had a daily meal, paper and a pen, so I wrote all I could and hided it in a block of cantera, so nobody could find it. I had a beautiful view from up there but my gaze was always back with my guide and teacher. I knew that the sword would sooner or later come back to me.
Then I could not stop talking, the years went by and also my words.

Seville 1481 my name Juan, I joined a clandestine group that had underground, gatherings beneath the Triana Bridge. They were in the verge of finding a lens that projected certain points off cartography with light and colors. Something happened in the way and the Spanish Inquisition caught our group. We died burned in the square plaza. In that transition Marco and 2 members of the group appeared.

Prague 1560, I was the daughter of an earl of the Bohemian Crown. My mother died giving birth to me. I had as a teacher a man that knew everything about the stars, holy architecture, healing and of course was a master of Alchemy. I was ready to get married to an Habsburg Archduke and felt in love at first sight. I discovered that the Crown was about to conquer us and was using me as leverage. I was heart broken and hung myself in Charles Bridge.

Suddenly I ran in speed and time, a big GAP, Ireland 1800, I was a school teacher that was ahead in education and had a bad time with the institutions due to the fact that I did not believe 100% in the Darwinian theory, not due to religion, but because I new that same essence was over dogma and that there was a link missing. I travelled to the Galapagos and tried to proof my theory with a species of birds, but Darwin and Descartes were already in the heart of the Education Institution. So I was a young man with many children and not that wealthy to keep the fight and decided to quit the fight against the institutions.

I was a ballet dancer in Budapest before World War 1. This time I belonged to the Habsburg and I lived in the Buda side. I could see the Parliament at the other side of the Danube, from my house. My life was beautiful, again I had a caretaker, this time an old woman who showed me another aspect of life. Loved my live and my true choice was to dance. I felt in love with a man that use to seat in the same place, as I saw his eyes I could recognize my actual significant other: George. The Archduke was killed and the war began. My brother was sent to fight and I decided to go as volunteer. I use to take care of injuries and people loved me because I had the ability to tell stories. Every time I told a story it was to me like dancing. I lived for many years always in a cosmic dance. Four years ago I went to Budapest to find my house, got little disappointed because my intuition told me it was not there. But as soon as I stepped Prague I knew I belonged there.

Chicago died in 1960 in crash accident. Indeed I was a Blues singer. My name was Anita and I became quite famous. I was profoundly in love with a man that was married, I recognize his eyes again no doubt George was him. I moved out of Wabage to Suburbs. A house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The mafia had a hold on me specially one of the leading man, I had a chance to succeed because of him. He was my lover and when he found out that I was in love with another man he orquestrated my death.

That evening I went talking… everybody was stunned to listen to me, because it was to them like a being really living those incredible moments. I was stuck with reincarnation for a while, I even saw myself as a Templar but I knew the wheel had to turn around in order for me to move on. Existence itself is progression and I understand now that; when I take the choice to go to another transit, probably my expression of life won’t be the same. Truth or not I know that energy is so powerful and in constant transformation that the absolute can project everything. One thing that I remember perfectly beside the dates and places is the how things smelled. The street and dust of Florence; the Guadalquivir and the orange trees; the garlic and seasoning of Prague; the ballet outfit and the smell of the streets of Buda and Pest and of course, the aromatic bakery neighbor on Wabage Street.

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Posted by Ezequiel Rodríguez on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Dearest Adriana you’ve just been the answers to my prayers. I wanted that somebody could share his/her experiences about past lives. The voice of my intuition advised me to do it. And what a marvelous surprise that it was you my friend Adriana. So, please do me a great favor. Send me your tips about safe regretions, and I’ll send you my tips.What about that? I want you to know that I was aware that my father in this life also was my father in a life inthe Balkan region. T6he terrible Balkan wars. We both died , because we were partof a resistant civil guerilla, and we were treasoned ,so as we turn around a corner from a city in a city in Greece there was a machine gun, and many soldiers wating for us.We were just two dozen civilians. This memort came to me when somebody filmed a movie about this Historic event. Th emoment the movie depicted this scene I “knew” immediatly what was going to happen. I got goose bums all along my spine. I was mesmerized by this scense. Since then while watching a movie that was fimed in real exteriors my mins and spirit were transported to this place, and as you have described so accuretly, the smelling sense is to strong that you feel you are really there.O.k then. This year aT LAST i COULD KNOW WHO i WAS IN MY PREVIOUS LIFE. I do need your help to recall the eighteen hundreds and sixteen hundreds. In my pervious life Iwas EL CAPITÁN AVIADOR EMILIO CARRANZA RODRÍGUEZ!

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