In September this tear I posted three articles regarding “Our Secret Chambers” Getting to the conclusion that it’s only one. At that time it was necessary to present to you three important stages, so you could sense step by step the reality of possesing a personal mystic cell. Throughout many many lives we’ve been dwelling in this our soul personalitie’s sacred shrine. Every human being has his/her very private and personal monk’s cell. Mankind has always had very difficult times. These difficult times should be seen as wonderful learning opportunities. They are indeed Cosmic blessing because it is thank to them that we are aware of our physical, mental and spiritual realities. Without mentioning man’s negative experiences you perfectly know which they are. Much more blood has been shed in the name of God than other issues.

Why the analogy with a monk’s cell? Because our lives have always been long careers in humility. A monk doesn’t need high tecnology gadgets to be happy and more importantly to make other people happy. The excellent news is that we don’t have to become monks neither nuns to be near God. By being parents, by having a job or profession and by socializing we can accomplish much more in humankind’s main goal. Here the key sacred common factor is our daily meditations and our weekly dwelling in this sacred mystic cell. Facts gathered through centuries put emphasis that in our solar-day is when we’d rather spend our time recharching our batteries with the sun, moon, planets and something else highly secretly Divine. On our celestial day during the day we should spend as much time as possible outdoors under a shade receiving natural light by removing our glasses or contact lenses because this light will recharge our master gland; pineal body. And during night time by being under the healing magnificent Celestial Cell’s shelter. Here tons of Divine thhoughts, ideas and objectives will fill up our Higher True Selves. That’s why I strongly suggested dwelling in our magic crystal dome cell. To absorb the energy, knowledge and eternal wisdom of the ages.So if interested now please study these four previous posts because in them are the steps to succeed i this sacred endeavour.
In case you have doubts about anything don’t hesitate to ask.
Love, light and peace profound your brother on the path.

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