+RETURNING HOME —An easy time traveling experirence.

Old_Country_Road_0.jpgMagnificent old country road pace take me to the home I used to live.

Old country road where there are still beautiful anciet trees along both sides of your tranquil and pretty path, Where every tree has pleasant memories: seasons, birds, wild animals and people. When every tree leaf was loved and appriciated by me. People who I know. Now I’m able to notice their peculiar clothes, but when at that time even I used to wear I di9dn’t notice. Allow me please to open my ears and listen to its many surrounding sounds, where even silence could be heard, where the air was so refreshing that my lungs sang the body electric by feeling how my blood was able to absorb completly all the powerful life force in every deep breath I took. The amazing wild flower beds with their many bright colors, the pleasant noise of insects, the smell of every grass blade, and ah! The warm and peaceful sunlight, where every beam of it brought an excitement of admiration to Mother Nature, how the noise of a nearby brook was celstial music to our ears, how each step we advance made our hearts beat more rapidly because we were, by every step we took, nearer to our blessed home, to our poor house, but anyway so beautiful because it sheltered all my love ones! I thank you GOD for such tremendous luck, for allowing me to have such beautiful family who every member loves me and that I love so much. Dear GOD THANK YOU FOR PERMITTING ME ENJOY SUCH MARVELOUS MOMENTS!

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