Let’s imagine that we could recuperate long ago apparently lost pleasant memories. Much more real than DVD’s depicting amazing beautiful places in many foreign lands, because we would once more fully experience not only the sights and sound, but the atmosphere belonging to these places. Also to be able to touch and smell their particularities of such places. Amazing right? Well it is more easily reachable that we dare to think. It is when we allow our soul personality to freely manifest all their attributes, skills, qualities and divine gifts we slowly and safely begin to be witness at a three hundred and sixty degrees plus above and below these world wonders once more.

There are some so called experts on reincarnation matters, but we’d better trust on which our soul personality suggest us regarding the number of lives lived by us so far. Some experts say we’ve had over one hundred, other say less than fifty. Let’s start with just ten. With these ten past lives how long in History would we place ourselves?Some mystic mystery schools say that the ideal number is one hundred and forty four years between each of our lives, but experience had by some of my students and myself strongly indicate that this rule apparently doesn’t apply exactly. In other words we agree that every eight incarnations equals one thousand one hundred fifty two years. Let’s do the math. And by writing down the year of our current birth date and then substracting this number we would have a near date when we were born.

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At first, when I was ninteen, I used to play with these dates, but afterwards everything began to make very logical sense. By chance I went bak to the year 79 A.D When the Vesubius erupted I saw myself as a forty five retired roman soldier who was as in the movie BEN HUR a carriage driver. My wife and two daughters and myself passed away during this phenomena. So it was during forty years that I’ve been lucky to remember some parts of these past lives both being a man and also being a woman.

As an exercise in imagination let’s wonder the number of spouses we’ve had, the number of children, siblings and friends. The numerous professions, the sacred places where we used to dwell, to pray and meditate, the life lessons learned and so on and on. Doesn’t this quality make our lives much more interesting? Of course it does! Our current lives become our main priority. This is indeed a paradox. Why? Because instead of prefering living in our past we are enlighten to live in our present. Our present is a real Divine present.

I expect that I ‘ve succeeded in arising your curiosity. To start the study of the always interesting biography of your own soul personality.

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