Experiencing Cosmic Consciousness


“ Our life for us human beings stops being a great mystery when suddenly our integral self is illuminated. No more veils that obstruct our view! No more excuses for not believing in an eternal happy life! No more fears, no more stupid shyness! No more afraid of the darkness! On the contrary, we start really enjoying darkness because in it there are beautiful illuminating spiritual beings!
This indescribable moment can be obtained by several ways. The most common is when after making a daily habit of talking to God by our prayers. One day or night all of a sudden we understand the reason for our living.

Another manner is when lost in deep meditation, also we go beyond our imagination and suddenly we are facing God, well our perception of HIM, Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, who is our spiritual mother or any other Deity according to your spiritual background. All your long time efforts now, you realize that they were well worth. On other occasions it arrives staying with us for ever, even without asking for it! In all cases not only we are the ones to be benefited, but a lot of other people as well.
Here I must make an important note. The steps that follow have been SPIRITUAL INSPIRATION I have you just been only one of many ways, a mere instrument, a reliable channel.
A).- Total immersion; mental and emotional.
B).-Trying to use all our mental processes. It is when we listening to spiritual chanting help us a lot.
C).- By invoking God’s Great Hierarchy showing maximum respect and super veneration.

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My name Amorifer was given to me in a highly spiritual way; it means one of the many massagers of God’s divine Love. At that time I thought that every massager must be under certain religion or brotherhood, maybe possessing educational credentials or some human achievements; cultural, intellectual or artistic ones. None of the above is needed only to posses a brave loving heart. By knowing deep down in your heart’s core that you can do it because you have Universal love for all your fellow human beings, animals and glorious Mother Nature.

What have I just done? To explain to you that it is much easier to have our personal golden dawn that we dare to think. What we must think is that we are going to share this amazing moment with everybody.

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