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How to make goals and commitments and get help achieving them

Unprecedented layoffs are happening the world over. And in such a time, if you have not been laid off… someone in your company has been. Both the experiences can be devastating. Seeing your co-workers go is also a demotivating factor for the remaining employees. Here is an interesting set of stats cited by Anne in Fortune.[1]

About three-quarters (74%) of people who kept their jobs during a staff reduction say their own productivity has taken a nosedive, according to a recent poll of 4,172 layoff survivors by Washington, D.C., research and training firm Leadership IQ ( And 64% think their coworkers’ productivity has dropped too, the poll found.

As a result, 77% see more mistakes being made at work, and 81% believe customer service has declined, according to the survey. Perhaps most alarming, since presumably companies will want to start recruiting talent again someday, 87% of layoff survivors say they’re less likely than before to recommend their company as a good place to work.

So, what does one do? One, your motivation is low, and Second, the things don’t seem to get better! I feel the best way is to be disciplined. Plan well and execute better.

This is also a time to take stock of your life and reorganize it in a way that you can see longer term success. Here are two sites which offer you ways:

1. Stickk: This is an community site where you can start your commitments and track them and you have referees or mentors to help you out.
2. GoalAmigo: This is another site very similar to Stickk.

You can either use planners, calendars, or such sites where you can track your progress and ways to boost your confidence when others try and help and guide you.

The best way to create achievable goals are to have a HI-Level Goal and the Lower level goals. For example, you want to lose weight:

The Hi-Level Goal is: Lose Weight
Lower level goals are: 20-30 of morning walk, Do away with Junk food, Put an end to Processed Food, Drink lots of water, 20-30 of evening walk.

So, create a detailed Hi-Level and Lower-Level goals/commitments and have the community of like minded folks motivate you along.

Reference Links:

1. Staying productive after a layoff

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