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Indian MLAs or Terrorists?

We all know how bad the Indian MLAs and MPs are. The politicians are the worst in the business and completely deplorable!

Here is a video where you can see how the Orissa MLAs are behaving in the State House itself. Note the guy in the blue shirt, he is an MLA. Can such folks be arrested? Is there any law against the MLAs? How is this guy any different from say, a terrorist who wants to kill or maim the MLAs? For, by trying to take the microphone out and using that as a weapon… that is EXACTLY what this person wants to accomplish!!! I sincerely think that any violence in the State Houses or the Parliament should be treated at the same level as Terrorism and such people should be deemed as terrorists-in-situ and charged under POTA or any other alternative law. HIgh time we call their bluff!!

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