Back off!! – Indian Muslims to Musharraf

“Pakistan ki jitni total population hai, us se zyada population hai Indian Muslims ki . (Population of Muslims in India is more than that total population of Pakistan). You should be knowing this.”

“Yes, I know”

“If you know this, then you should also know that Indian Muslims have the capability to solve their problems. We don’t need your advise. Don’t try to alienate Indian Muslims by your remarks, here or in Pakistan.”

This was a dialog between Mehmood Madani, member of Rajya Sabha and leader of Jamat-e-Ulema-i-Hind, and ex-President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf, after the latter started his thing about why Muslims in India were “alienated” and suggested that this was one of the reasons for terrorism here.

And, I think, this is an important lesson for Pakistanis and the leaders. For some reason, Pakistanis assume that “Muslims” have a “better deal” in Pakistan and that that country has a right on “good” of Indian Muslims. The truth is actually otherwise!

I don’t have the figures, but I can bet anyday that MORE Muslims have been killed by and in Pakistan than in India. In fact, the killings of Bengalis in Bangladesh after the victory of Mujib-ur-Rehman would easily overshadow the total of all the religious riots in India. And I have not even started talking of the Shias, Mohajirs and Ahmediyas.

And the truth is that not only have those in Pak administration used their own poor as canon fodder to sustain their own rule and promote terrorism, but have tried the same with Indian Muslims. In fact, until recently when Deoband came out with the Fatwa against terrorism, most of the debate and context for Indian Muslims was set up by Pakistan on the sly. They would set the broad outline in terms of what Muslims should or should not do and then the Indian Muslims would be viewed through the same lens in absence of any real voice.

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I am hoping as hell that the Talibanic thinking and rule that is slowly but surely taking over Pakistan, will hopefully not be transmitted to Indian side. And our people will push for more education that is relevant for jobs.

Reference Links:

1. We don’t need your advice: Muslim leader to Musharraf

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