Funny Tweets today about the Sub continent

  • Hannah Montana secretly masterminded the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. She’s totally, like, soooo against a Democratic Pakistan
  • If the Taliban succeeds & takes over Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons, Pakistan will disapear in a VERY BRIGHT LIGHT according to sources in India
  • said Mexico’s chief epidemiologist, who suggested that someone could have brought the virus from Pakistan or Bangladesh
  • Sen. Kerry: We are not hoping for the best we are trying to provide assistance to Pakistan and making them realize their responsibilities (PS: getting Bush instead of him.. didn’t miss much did we?)
  • Does John Kerry really think the $$ we give to Pakistan will go to the PEOPLE and not the GOVERNMENT? Is he in 4th grade?
  • Taliban with nukes, swine flu pan-endemic…am I just getting my period or is something (everything) rather apocalyptic now? ugh!
  • Father says if i give up two years of my life to Pakistan, he will let me go to Prom. The offer is tempting.
  • (From a guy called – OsamaBnLaden) Still taking over Pakistan, while downloading iTunes

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