Politicians and Prostitution in India

Politics and Prostitution have gone hand in hand for a long time. Ok, I am not talking about how netas in India act as prostitutes – which they do – but how they covet and long to bed the fairer sex every time.

Jagjivan Ram’s career was completely destroyed because of the romps of his son.[2][4] Also, those in the know talk a lot about KPS Gill and his “needs” – I have heard enough people talk about this police officer in hushed tones in Delhi.

Now, the elections are upon us and many netas are in Delhi. This has strangely (!) coincided with the increase in demand for call girls in Delhi. According to an escort agent in this Mid Day story, the demand for girls has gone up by 30-40%. The most sought after are Models, Actresses and Foreigners. Fair Skin rules.[1]

Said Vivek Garg from SoulCast Escort Service, “These girls are sneaked in at night and are sent back before dawn. Only extremely trusted people are given this job because discretion is very important. The rates vary between Rs 15,000 and Rs 50,000 per night, depending upon the girl Bollywood starlets are offered higher prices compared to aspiring models.”

The rendezvous is usually at some farm houses in Chhattarpur or some 5 star hotels.

I think for the normal public it is very important to know what kind of society we are – since this is the lot that we vote for in our country.

And btw, who finances the wild rides of these politicians in the end? The average Taxpayer of the country! At the very least, we should demand the politician of our constituency to share with us his latest “escort”‘s name?

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I know we can’t stop these guys from blowing up (pun intended) our money, but at least we have the right to know if that money is at the very least buying something of “quality”!! So, we definitely want to know who these netas are trying out?

From the story it seems that UP and Bihari politicians.. just want “it”.. they don’t care for “quality”. Those from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat are more “demanding”, however. Meaning, indirectly Third Front lacks quality and BJP is very demanding EVEN in pimping. Interesting.

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