Only 38% of NWFP in Pak Government control

pak_taleb_all_466map.gifA new study by BBC shows that only 38% of the NWFP and surrounding areas are under the Pakistan Government’s control. That means 62% is outside of the Government’s “real” jurisdiction. The source of the study is based on the research of BBC’s Urdu News Service. The claim has been denied by the Zardari Government.

The map, compiled by the BBC’s Urdu language service, was based on local research and correspondent reports as well as conversations with officials.

Many have been fleeing the area as the fighting goes on in that area. In fact, one Pakistani blogger I interacted also suggested that the Pak Army in some areas may be working along with Taliban and actually bombing innocent civilians (the blogger has gotten some exclusive pictures which confirm it – although they have not been shared in public). In at least some cases, innocent civilians are presented as Taliban in front of the world. As this shopkeeper in the news article on BBC says, normal and innocent civilians are in deep distress.

“People are becoming mentally ill, our senses have shut down, children and woman are crying, please tell the government to pull us out of here,”

This is troubling – specially looking at the map. But what is even more troubling is the claim of the correspondent from BBC that in 47% of Punjab province, the militancy and violence may increase further.

There is a crying need for radical and foundational change in the country’s thinking as well as Obama administration’s war plans. Indirect levers and intervention instead of direct intervention may be the best way for the world to deal with Pakistan right now. In other words, instead of going in to attack or engaging the Government in the attacks directly; it would be better to be outside and put sanctions that would necessitate the Government and people to make a transition that would be good for the common man.

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What is your view on the developing situation there.

Reference Links:

1. Pakistan conflict map
2. Zardari denies BBC’s Taliban claims

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