SAP Professionals Network @ is redesigned and powerful

Dear SAP Professional:

We want to let you know that your site ( has become extremely powerful now. It has taken on cutting edge Social networking features. The total membership is already over 8000 members and this will help it grow further.

  1. Now, you can create your resume in your profile and apply to jobs from recruiters using that resume (no need to send it separately).
  2. You can create participate with other SAP professionals in various groups of your choice. If you do not find the group that you would like – maybe for your organization, or for your city or for your SAP module – then please let us know (through the contact form) and we will create one.
  3. You can create classified ads – to connect with people, to give your ad for SAP training that you may want to conduct, or for any material that you may want but do not have. It is a big “Craiglist-style” marketplace for ONLY SAP professionals.
  4. Participate in the forums that are very powerful and will create a useful place to share thoughts as well.
  5. You can write Private messages to each other and seek information and connect.
  6. You can invite your friends and create your own network.
  7. You can blog and help others via comments and forum entries or by writing articles AND earn “Guru Dollars”, which you can even give to your friends. The Guru Dollar Total will help you be noticed as a “Thought Leader’ in your area of SAP expertise. In the very near future, we are going to add a comercial marketplace, where the “Guru Dollars” will give you free access to a lot of paid content. So, START NOW!
  8. Do you have a Twitter or Facebook account where you share SAP related stuff? Then please include that in your Profile and share your tweets or facebook feeds with the larget SAP community and win more followers. Great way to grow your complete social networking profile!
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In the near future, we are planning to bring more and more features and strengths to the site like: Commercial Marketplace (to share useful SAP material, config documents, training videos, and conference calls), specialized SAP Training (if you would like to be an SAP trainer, please contact us), SAP Access (at reasonable rates).

The power of this site depends on interaction. We have created a site that is very powerful and quite unlike ANY in the world today – given its functionality and reach. Please join and also invite your friends!


Desh Kapoor
Founder and CEO

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