Hope: One pain was enough…

Ajender.jpgThis year, when I thought of starting this series on the 25th anniversary of the 1984 Sikh massacres, I was thinking of redemption… of ways we could find humanity within us. How could we, as ordinary people, make a difference. I read the comments of Ajender on a post at this blog – experience of another Sikh friend – and asked him for his thoughts now on the situation and how he found the strength to be what he has become WITHOUT the urge for revenge. This is what he sent me. I am thoroughly indebted to him as this one post from Ajender has made my effort at starting Drishtikone.com worthwhile.

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Inspite of having undergone, the 84 Riots, Last year I initiated an organisation called Umeed, the tag line of which is ‘Citizens Empowered for a future of Choice”

I was confused, but hate was not something I was comfortable with. Having seen the pain in my mothers eyes after the incident for many years to come. One person’s pain was too much for me, I could not imagine seeing it in any others eyes in my life.

I had seen my mother being a strong lady, having lost her husband when i was two months old, she always wanted me to be a strong man. But this incident broke her. I could see fear in her eyes always.

I pity people, who caused pain to so many people, just because a political leader was murdered in 1984. Are these ordinary people not respectable citizens of a democratic country? Are we still living in an anarchy? All this had to come to an end.

I could not have ended it alone, but I could atleast make a choice, for myself. I chose Umeed, Hope. I chose to empower people, who were facing this exploitation in various forms every day. And no body was even acknowleding their pain.

On a spiritual front, I refused to find answers in religions, as religions were governed by priests, who are not fair and just. Individualism is what i believe in, for which i am criticised many times. Being part of a group or ISM, whether that is Hinduism, or Sikhism, has no meaning for me.

I have dedicated my life, to the marginalised rural people, because I feel they are the people who are constantly exploited. Its the hatred of the worst form. Hatred of any form has to be hated, and love in any form has to be loved. Thats my choice, which arose, because I was hated, for being a Sikh (and nothing else).

The world needs love, if we want to survive. We need hope if we need to live longer, and our future generations to prosper. Love towards nature. Love towards people around us. And every night when I sleep, I want to do something so full of love, so that I can say to myself “I love you Ajender”

Whenever I see pain, undergo pain, I know, I have to counter it, rather than follow it. I am trying, I may loose, I may be lost.. but will die loving and will die creating umeed. May god be with me and with all of us.


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