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Tiger Wood true to his Name!!

TigersWomen.jpgTiger’s penis is much revered as an aphrodisiac in China, Taiwan and South Korea. One of the slangs for penis is “Wood”. That should have been a BIG giveaway for the top golfer’s wife! If you marry someone who has been NAMED after mythically most powerful aphrodisiac in the world, then you better keep him occupied 24/7 with some creative stuff or he is going to start hitting the holes all over the place! And the ones on the golf course can only show what an accurate and relentless stamina this guy would have when he gets around to his real business. The one that his name suggests.

At latest count, Tiger Wood has had nine mistresses some even porn stars.

Every decade has its own Super hero of promiscuity. Last decade was Bill Clinton – who did what he wished to without technically calling it so. That’s the beauty of being a politician!

Now its Tiger Woods.

From mistresses to top porn actresses, this guy has holed all. His wife is very angry obviously, and may threaten to write a book to make some money over and above what she will make on her divorce.

The tough thing for Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods, is not that he has been “found out”, but that now his partners in the exploits have exposed his lack of prowess or excess of it has created a million dollar question – can he perform or not??

One says that he was really bad in bed, while others have a different take. We know he is good at 18 holes in a match so what is nine hole at one go? But his mistress seems to suggest that he was having a go at the same hole nine time a night![7]

His wife has understandably given him an ultimatum – Either Me or Golf. That’s what probably let him to say that he is taking an “indefinite break” from Golf.

Which has many Golfers very happy and showing some fake shock. As someone said that the biggest prizes in Golf will be a little easier to get now.

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