Climate Change is not about Environment, but about us!

Something is fundamentally wrong with our approach to Environment and Climate Change. We all want to save all the things.. we want to save the plants, species, the waters, the icy glaciers, the mountains, the seas, the food. Everything. We are having conferences and seminars. Even fight over if the UN body was right or wrong over a few years here or there on when the glaciers in Himalayas would be gone forever. As if that matters in the long run. All the guys trashing the report are happy about is gaining water (that too a trickle) for one more generation at the most!

We have it all wrong!

Its not about the Climate change or the environment or the poverty. Its about our way of life!

Can this earth sustain any increased percentage of population living at the same rate as the richest does? Forget about others.. can even the West keep living at the same level as it does today and expect the Climate and the Environment to sustain forever? The very structure and the basis of these economies require growth. Without growth, such living will crumble to the ground. And growth is the culprit number two, after the way of living.

In a bid to prove how Science is independent of an Interventionist “God”, mankind has recreated nature in a synthetic manner. Synthetic food, houses, clothes, even body parts! When those in what is called the “Age of Reason” tried to move away from the belief system of the “Age of Faith”, they argued that God was incompatible with Science. Well, as it turns out now, Science of today is incompatible with the Nature itself (the manifestation of God). Synthetic creation can never merge or live with Nature in harmony.

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Instead of borrowing our existence from the Nature, we have forced our existence on Nature. Interestingly, the Nature never complained. It just started crumbling and with that started crumbling our future and that of our kids. But how does it matter to us? We are happy we have won a few years of trickling water from the printed sheets of some scientists’ thesis!

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