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March 2010

Obama invited to Islam

You can fault these guys for anything, but for having nerves and being blatant. These guys are standing right in front of the White House and mouthing all sorts of stuff against US and Obama.

Mockery of Democracy in India

Isn't it funny that while Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar and HKL Bhagat remained all scott free and Rajiv Gandhi, the architect of the Sikh Killings in Delhi is extolled; the only person who gets int

कितने चेहरे बदले मैंने

कितने चेहरे बदले मैंने, जीवन के भीतर और बाहर, कितनी बार नूतन हो लौटा, दुनिया के मेले में जाकर| जो कल मैं था है अब और ही कोई | जो मेरा साथी था वो भी,

Disclaimer @God, Inc.

When you signed the contract to enter into this endless quest called life, He warned you and set this disclaimer outright He said – “Though you might have loving parents,

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