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22 yr old Indian revolutionizes recruitment process

Walking down the roads of Bangalore, the 22-year old Gaurav Jain saw a place bustling with young boys and girls holding big files. And on enquiring, a boy standing at the end of the queue replies, “This is a walk-in offer for a job for freshers, but I may not get a chance for this walk-in due the huge crowd and less time for interviewers.” And having been stimulated with the struggling lives of these job seekers, Jain came up with an idea of, an online platform which not only provides job information to freshers, but also for the experienced candidates.

Founded in 2004, Bangalore-based, YuvaJobs is an entrepreneurial venture by an Indian Senior Web Designer Gaurav Jain. He has also been its Chairman since its inception. A Post-graduate in Information Technology from the Technical University of Punjab, Jain had stints at a U.S. based web development company for one and a half year. Under his direction, the Yuva Group has expanded regionally. Having an envision to become one of the leading Internet recruitment websites in the Asia-Pacific, is revolutionizing the way recruitment is done today. Now, it is a forum where employers, placement agencies and job seekers can exchange information, quickly, effectively and inexpensively. Besides providing job information to the job seekers, the portal also provides all papers and articles needed for interview, questions for HR and technical and aptitude questions and many more. It is a common platform where corporate recruiters and freshers come under one roof. “I started off the website by providing a small interface and some job information. Then I started learning ASP using online tutorials and started implementing the portal,” says Jain.

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