Mass Conversions in India – Destroying Cultures and Families

Why are so many religious conversions in India going unnoticed? The majority of the population there is quick to point out that “Hindu Fundamentalists have done….,” or that “The BJP, Hindu Nationalist Party is fanatical,” when such parties bring to attention the problem of forced conversions in the country. All citizens of India who are influenced by giant media sources such as NDTV and IBN easily point out the “Hindu fanatics,” but fail to see the growing existence of Christian missionaries throughout the so called secular country.

Tamil Ad to fool Hindus to convert because Hinduism is derived from Christianity

Christian missionaries come in huge numbers to India, most of who are from the Southern states of the United States. They enter the country with claims of humanitarian-secular acts to help with compassion, the disadvantaged, poverty-stricken population of India. However, when examined closely, out of their “compassionate acts” emerge thousands and thousands of new converted Christians. The disadvantaged populations of India are manipulated and taken advantage of by means of financial support and food as well as guidance towards Jesus through gradual force. They are given education and put into labelled secular schools with Christian names in which students are fed lines from the bible while they are fed a lunch they previously did not have the means for.

Desh Kapoor

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