Yasin Malik, supporters held

These few rogue elements in Kashmir Valley and I repeat “Kashmir Valley”, are keeping the place completely on the tip toe in the name of “Islamic factor”, an issue so sensitive for India but an instrument of subjugation and oppression for Pakistan. I am sorry to touch on this religious angle so obtusely, but can we ignore a truth to ostracise the issue in the name of “Secularism”, which is a meaningless instrument for our adversary who knows our weak nerve and leaves no opportunity, or should I say, keeps manufacturing opportunities to exploit us. You know, what President Zia-ul Haq had said about Kashmir before exporting there his Islamic ideology in late 1980s. “Give the dog a bad name, and then kill him”. How successfully it performed the ethnic cleansing in “Valley” you know it all better.

Kashmir has three other regions too apart from the Valley, viz. Leh, Laddhakh and Jammu. Why is it that only “Valley” is always in the lime light? Why the minority killings are not an issue in “Valley” which has become synonymous for “Kashmir” a fact that we tend to ignore in the name of our so beloved “(pseudo)secularism”. Yet we so readily drag the “Godhara” or “Narendra Modi” in our fashionable “Tea Party” type discussion without hesitation and impunity. Sir you are better informed than me about the partition of India in 1947. People keep blaming India as a “Hindu” majority state. OK. Let us for the sake of argument accept this “fallacy” without further conjecture for the time being. We accepted our Muslim brethren gracefully and sincerely practiced our “Minority Religion”. Sir! I am not a politician or “The right winger”, people take so much of pride in its pejorative value. I am a secularist at heart and that is why the teachings of “Sharia Jurisprudence” hurts me. Because I love my independence as a free man.

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