Lack of Gravity in India!

One needn’t go to India to know that something is seriously different about that country and its people. We are constantly trying to ignore the “gravity” of any situation.

Life is tough?! But what is life anyways.. lets levitate and live without attachments! Om Shanti..

or on the other extreme…

The enemy is attacking, my lord! Oh, let me finish my game of Chess! And poof! The kingdom vanishes at the next move…

or the current..

Maoists are attacking.. (they were getting together for last 40 years.. Dammit!).. but wait! Are they Indians who are poor or are they terrorists? Lets have a series of conferences to find out.. until the conferences get bombed and trains getting blown from the tracks..

We are a nation of people who don’t want to take things seriously and head on! Such is our passion at ensuring levity, that we have even affected the earth around us. Even the planet seems to have been affected by our lack of gravity and penchant for levity!

In a remarkable GEOID (a map of an earth with just one large imaginary ocean affected by gravity in absence of tides and currents), Earth’s gravity field was captured by the GOCE satellite. The aim was to see where on the planet is gravity strongest and where is it the weakest?

We have known for long that factors like being close to the Poles versus being close to the Equator affects the strength of gravity. Or living below sea level versus on high mountains (less gravity) affects the pull.

But now comes the third factor: the messing up ability of the people itself!! Actually its the actual mass and density of the part of the planet immediately beneath you. You see, our part of the planet takes after us. You don’t have much in you anyways, guys, why do you need a whole lot of mass holding you up anyway? Even the mighty God gave us a rough one.

Folks over at UK, Western Europe, and Japan are even more messed up! They think too highly of themselves. Their own weight is so much, that earth needs equal amount of mass to hold them up.. in turn, messing up the gravitational pull of the earth below them.

There are a lot of uses of this map and the studies that go along with it:

Climatic Studies: GEOID can help scientists know how the oceans are moving heat along. No one wants to hold a hot potato for long anyway.. so these oceans keep passing the buck. That results in hurricanes and storms. Imagine!!

Engineering work: it can tell the engineer, if he filled his pipeline with fluid, which way it will flow? Guess BP may have benefited from it or maybe not… they did everything to create this disaster anyway!

Oceanography: They would know how the oceans would be shaped if there were no tides or currents. But the oceans HAVE tides and currents! Why live in hypotheticals? Maybe they have something that can make them wish those things away.. who knows!

In any case, this thing is still in works and I am hoping people taking themselves too seriously will light up a bit, and those who have no serious cell in their body may grow up a bit!

Reference Links:

  1. An HD Map of the Earth’s Gravity Field Helps Determine Planet’s Interior Structure
  2. Goce satellite views Earth’s gravity in high definition
  3. GOCE Gravity Model Released

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