Do shape and size of your body parts decide diseases?

fingers.jpgMedical science is coming a full circle. I remember hearing about the Ayurvedic medicine men in India who could take a look at you and tell you what was wrong with you. Of course, listening to the patients pulse has been such a great way to see if everything was fine. An art that has been lost in the modern day.

in any case, associating just the looks of a person with a certain disease does seem esoteric and “quack-ish” by today’s warped standards. Well, now the world of medicine seems to be realizing that body parts – their shape and size – may indeed point to certain pretty darn dangerous diseases and even how a person votes. Yes, VOTES!

So, lets look at the disease angle first. Guys, if your ring finger is longer than index finger, you are in trouble! Chances are that you will have a good chance of protracting Prostrate Cancer.

Researchers studied the ratio between the 2nd and 4th finger of the right hand in 1,524 prostate-cancer patients and 3,044 healthy people over 15 years. Men with longer index fingers were 33% less likely to develop prostate cancer, and men under 60 had an 87% lower risk. In the prostate-cancer group, index fingers were longer in about 23% of the participants and shorter in 57%. In the control group, index fingers were longer in 31% and shorter in 52%. The rest of the men had fingers of equal length. The findings are in line with a recent study of 366 Korean men, which found a significant association between digit ratio and prostate-cancer risk.

So, at least as far as the Brit and Korean men are concerned, they have had an overwhelming linkage of their finger sizes to prostrate cancer. Part of the reason is supposed to be the role of testesterone and its role in the size of the ring finger (in the womb) and even prostrate cancer. So, the hormones could be the missing link between the two study points.

There is a lot of mystery of the body that are hidden in our fingers and different points of our body as it all relates to our diseases. The entire practice of Yoga and Accupunture testify to that very clearly. We may not understand (or even want to) the real reason why Yoga and Accupunture affect our health, but the results are unequivocally clear.

And guys, cutting your ring finger is not the answer to prevent your prostrate cancer. Be regular in your check ups.

Now to the Voting part. Per research done by University College London, you ain’t called Left or Right winger for nothing! These scientists found that the conservative and right leaning people had: thinner grey matter (wonder if it means lesser intelligence?) and also larger right-hand amygdala.

Those who are liberal or left wing have thicker grey matter and smaller right hand amygdala. Amygdalae are “almond-shaped groups of nuclei located deep within the medial temporal lobes of the brain”. They are said to play a primary role in the processing and memory of emotional reactions.

Honestly speaking, I find the characterization of right vs left wing pretty meaningless. It is not uncommon, for example, to find a Left Leaning person living in one country being a Right leaning in another country. It depends on what issue or ideology is the deciding factor for Right vs Left in any country.

While all these studies may be having fun with statistical points, to draw conclusions without deeper understanding could be useless.

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