Happy New Year 2011 and the New Decade from Drishtikone to All

HNY.jpgThe New Year 2011 and a new decade is here upon us. The last decade – the first of the new millenia has seen tremendous changes. The new decade will also bring in new things for the world and you & me personally. As we sit on the new threshold, Drishtikone wants to wish its readers a Decade and a Year full of Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity!

In the last one decade some of the major changes that happened were:

  • The Fulcrum of the world economy shifted from West to East – specially Asia.
  • Islamic Terrorism came out of the closet and became a potent major world threat.
  • Internet became a powerful medium and foundation of business. Google changed the world irresversibly.
  • People are more connected now to others through social networks but disconnected from those close to them.
  • World economies are in a state of imbalance. Bad financial actions and decisions along with deteriorating demographic and fiscal parameters were to blame.

In the last one decade, the world has become a more difficult place to live and work in. Our generation has seen one of the greatest economic downturn event since the Great Depression of the 1928. The job losses and the loss of incomes have been unprecedented.

Despite the threat, the world is also more exciting! The opportunities abound and things that can be changed are enormous. Poor economies are at the cusp of greatness, if they take the right decisions.

Lets look at ourselves at the individual level. Where were you on January 1, 2000? Where are you today, as we go to January 1, 2011? How have you changed?

Look at all the parameters:

  • Family
  • Career
  • Health
  • Emotional
  • Joy
  • Friends
  • Spiritual

Have you progressed? Has anything changed? What has changed for you? I am sure there would be many things that you are proud of and many things that you aren’t very happy about. There will be somethings that you would think that you could do better in the last decade.

Please do yourself a favor. Make a list of all you have achieved in the last 10 years. And all the “misses” in the last decade.

Then list the things you could have done better in these years. How could they have been done better? And more importantly, what are the lessons you could learn from these “misses”?

Now once you are done with this exercise – make a list for the future. The next 10 years. Where and how do you want to be at the dawn of January 1, 2021? You will be 10 years older than now. Wiser, Older, Younger, Experienced and in a changed world.

Let us see how the world will be at that time and what would work there. In the next post we will look at the world in that time. If you have any thoughts, please share your thoughts.

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