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Tears of Women and Men

crying-woman.jpgTears help us express ourselves at times. Specially women. Women use tears – emotional tears – very effectively in their relationships. But not before now was it known that tears turn men off. And no men cannot differentiate between fake saline water and tears in terms of odor or probably even taste. But bring the tears near them and their testosterone shoots down rapidly. Some chemical signal in their tears hits the chemical system in a man dramatically.

Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science has done this unique study. So unlike the popular belief amongst women that tears will bring their men close to them or not let them go away, well they may “come” back but not the way they would want them to!

Is there a method to this madness? Probably yes, says the team:

The findings make sense, she said, because the glands that secrete tears bear receptors, or docking ports, for sex hormones — a connection most clearly seen with dry eye, which is most common in postmenopausal women.

Unfortunately, its not been easy to test men’s tears as there aren’t enough men “criers”. But the team hasn’t lost any hope. They have finally found one good man crier and are going to get him to cry the heck out of his system and probably see how women or men react.

Chemically, it was seen that the tears from emotion and tears because of reflex (when something falls into the eye) were different. And that is something that truly intrigues me. A lot of our body and mind output is “coded” with emotions and intangibles, which we disregard.

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Our voice, our touch, our look – all convey more than just a simple biological phenomenon. Its an energy phenomenon – which has chemical, biological and energy implications. Just that we haven’t figured it all out. At least in the modern science. From what one sees, such understanding was higher amongst our ancients. Acupuncture and Yoga are prime examples. If the modern science’s “brick and mortar” knowledge could be married with the sublime science of the East, specially Yoga, then the results could be phenomenal.

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