Osama was a Sex Machine

Osama bin Laden’s first wife, Najwa, has revealed that the killed al-Qaeda chief was a ‘sex machine’ who used to vanish into his bedroom for days with her after returning from waging Jihad.

On being asked by a journalist during an interview about her favourite time when living with bin Laden,

Najwa replied: ‘The sleeping time’.

She was interviewed by US investigative reporter Jean Sasson for her biography, but the journalist revealed details yesterday, which have not come out before, the Daily Mail reports.

“When I asked Najwa what her favourite time of day was, she admitted that it was ‘the sleeping time’,” Sasson said, adding that Najwa was not referring to actually going to sleep, but “that’s when he (bin Laden) was giving her all his attention”.

“Omar (her son) said that when he was a child, Osama would come home from Afghanistan and take Najwa into the bedroom and they wouldn’t come out for days,” she added.

When bin Laden was killed by US Special Forces, he was living with three of his wives in a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, where the forces had reportedly found herbal Viagra.
Sasson said she ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if the news was true.

“He had a younger wife, plus two other wives there. I remember that on the day a clinic opened in Saudi Arabia for men who were impotent, cars lined up through Riyadh waiting,” Sasson said.

‘And most of the men were elderly, and they were very concerned because they had four wives, and they said they could only do it twice a day. Some of these men were, like, 80,’ she added

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