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An Indian Sexologist’s view of changing lives in India

Sablok Clinic (Courtesy - Flickr/Brian Ground)

In India, sex is often talked of in hushed tones.  In a country which gave Kamasutra, sexology is a subject that very strongly misunderstood.  Often, the weakness and ability to do sex is what people are always trying to resolve – as evident in a lot of advertisements all over the town.

Read an interesting article of how Dr. Narayana Reddy, arguably India’s #2 sexologist, got started with his work in Chennai.  His first case seems very interesting.

A couple was not having a kid, although they were doing all the right things – or so they thought.  So, the gynaecologist recommended an operation.  Just minutes before the operation, Dr. Reddy happened to come in touch with the husband through a freak accident and has a sneaking suspicion that things were not quite right.   He then went about doing something that was unheard of.  He made the couple have intercourse IN the hospital and then take the vaginal swab.  The result – there were no sperms in the vagina.  The guy was depositing everything on his wife’s thighs and hoping to have a kid.

Remember, the proverbial Indian village belle who thinks that she will get pregnant by kissing.  This couple was quite close to her breed.

He ended up teaching the husband on how to “do the thing”.  The operation was stopped and 3 months later, the woman was pregnant!

Dr. Reddy in the end brings up the predicament of the current generation which is busy trying to earn more but at the cost of their lives itself.

‘Nowhere in the Western world do airports function between eleven in the night and five in the morning. Nowhere in the West do they work beyond five in the evening or during Christmas holidays, come what may. That is because they respect the body clock, they understand the value of quality in life. But our boys are working according to their timings, working even on holidays like Diwali and Pongal, because they want to earn those dollars. At what cost?

‘A husband and wife hardly spend time together these days. They spend more time with their colleagues. Whatever little time they get at home, they catch up on sleep. Their sex life is bound to be affected. Just the other day, I was visited by a high-profile couple. The man was a vice-president in a multinational company and the wife was the head of HR in another multinational. They had not had sex for almost a year. When I asked them why, they said they rarely met. When one of them was at home, the other would be travelling. In fact, they had met each other only once in the past six months, that too at the Changi Airport in Singapore.

‘Now, do you call this marriage? Are we going forward or backward?’

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