Women cheat early in marriage and with more men and rarely get caught!

A debate goes on about how men and women cheat.  It is often said, based on various studies, that men cheat far more than women.   Like this study:

Recent studies reveal that 45 or 55 percent of married women and 50 to 60 percent of married men engage in extramarital sex at some time or another during their relationship.

Looking at such studies, people often ask, how come more men cheat vs women.  The math doesn’t add up.  Well, for one, some of the men must be cheating with single women.

But as another study shows, it could be something else as well.

In the UK Adultery Survey 2012, where behavior of 4000 men and women who had cheated unearthed – Women have far more men outside the marriage than men.   Women have an average of 2.3 secret lovers compared to a mere 1.8 for men.

So, once the women get going outside the marriage, they cover far more distance in terms of numbers than men.  Another interesting insight was that while men start late – average 42 years and 6 years after the marriage (7 year itch?); women on the other hand start early – 37 years on average and 5 years after marriage.

But adultery doesn’t stop these people from loving their spouses.  76% of the women and 67% of the men in the survey (who had cheated) admitted that they still loved their spouses.

Women are Smarter at Cheating

In another survey it came out that almost none of the women who cheat ever get caught by their spouses, as 95% women admitted to having cheated successfully.  On the other hand, only 83% of men could boast of that.

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Why?  Because they are more sophisticated psychologically.

“Women are better liars because they”re more psychologically sophisticated,” the Daily Mail quoted Holmes as saying.  “Emotionally they make plans and have strategies, while men are more impulsive.”

So, the secret to successful cheating is clear – better planning and less impulsiveness.

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