Drona and Eklavya story: Its NOT about Casteism at all!

A lot is said about how Eklavya – a tribal warrior – was deprived off of his archery ability by a Brahmin, Dronacharya.  It is showcased as an example of Caste system.  However, the details from Mahabharat suggest something totally different. Balaji V. sums it up very well, when he talks of how Dronacharya probably foresaw his role in the future and his loyalties. It is no secret that one of Krishna’s secret work prior to Mahabharat was to create a “balance of power” between Kauravas and Pandavas – so the war doesn’t occur. As long as both the sides are equal, they wouldn’t fight. And, the second alternative was, that if the war does break out, Duryodhana – who was evil and regressive in his outlook of the world, shouldn’t get to win. For, whoever won that war, would be the unquestioned ruler over the land for a LONG time, since the entire opposition would have been wiped off in that terrible war.

Read Quote of Balaji Viswanathan’s answer to Mahabharata: Was Ekalavya the greatest warrior in Mahabharata? on Quora   Now, one should read this answer, which discusses how, in the end, Eklavya’s role played out and how he could have thwarted Krishna’s “Balance of Power” strategy to stop the war in the first place, and in the end-case, would have installed Duryodhana as the king after the war. In the end, it is not even about who Eklavya was. But where his sensibilities took him. Ironically, both Drona and Eklavya, finally fell on the same side, although Drona’s heart was for Arjun to win the war. But the role of Drona and Bhishma is a story for another day.   Read Quote of Navin Kabra’s answer to Mahabharata: Was Ekalavya the greatest warrior in Mahabharata? on Quora

  1. HARRY says

    I don’t want buy any of their theories, because a, one of then is comparing Eklavya with a kid with AK47 and the other is stipulating ( future motives ) that he might have turned to wrong side in the war. First, for some one to be that good and skillful, they must be disciplined in their field and thus they are always sound in mind and thought. That is the only way you can be the best in what you do, therefore we cannot compare him to a like of a kid with AK47, and the theory about him taking a wrong side in war in future is as good as any other stipulation and even if he did choose a wrong side, what difference does it make to Drona, because he did exactly the same and the last question is, did Drona knew the future? and if the answer to that question is YES, then why would he choose a side that he knew was going to loose the war, but most importantly, why did he choose a side that was not on the path of righteousness. From this we can assume that neither did know the future or for fact the right side. If these are to be true, then we can rule both of this theory out of equations.

    We will never know a true motives of a man who is standing in front of us because we can’t read his mind, let alone the one who is gone for thousands of years ago. What is true from this story is that, a: Drona was a Brahamin and b: he did ask Eklavya for his fingers and we can also know that Eklavya was not a kshatriya or a royalty and did not fit in to his ashram because of his varana. At the same time Eklavya did accept Drona as his GURU in his absent, but he was never accepted by Drona as his shishya, therefore in technically this relationship was only one way real on Eklavya part but never from Drona part.

    As far as Arjuna being better them Eklavya is a different story altogether. This we will never know either because non of us were there and we cannot always accept the so called facts given to us by others.

    But my biggest question is, what do you really think of all this with out being PC?

    1. HARRY says

      ***correction*** I should have said above, From this we can assume that neither did Drona knew the future or in fact the right side.

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