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Daily Archives: January 8, 2013

Truth is a Pathless Land, J. Krishnamurti

J. Krishnamurti was “discovered” by Theosophist, Annie Besant when she saw him on a beach in Chennai.  Theosophists believed that two World Teachers had come before – Buddha and Jesus.  The third was to arrive.  J. Krishnamurti was the third.  So they thought.  He was taken away from his parents …

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India’s permissible Radiation Limits from Cell Phone Towers is 900 times the global safety limits; causes headaches, behavioral problems

This is unacceptable. Just because people are not aware and ignorance is being misused – criminally, I would say – to hurt a population without its knowledge!  In the coming years, the health impact of this on an entire population could be nothing short of devastating. India’s permissible limit for …

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