Spammers Windfall: Now send spam to a famous person by paying Facebook $100!

So here is another Facebook idiosyncratic revenue model practice.  If you’re sending a message to a random person on Facebook, they’ll charge you $1 to skip the spam filter and actually have the email delivered into the inbo

Amazon AutoRip: buy music CDs and get songs ripped as MP3s on Amazon Cloud as well

Amazon has come out with an interesting service called AutoRip.  This way customers can automatically stores free MP3 in Amazon Cloud Player when customers acquire a new CD.  These songs – from the CDs – will be available f

The Big Fat Indian Wedding vs The American Wedding: Market, Trends, Direction (Infographic)

A very interesting infographic showing a comparison between the Indian Weddings and the market vs the Weddings in US.  The figures show the market/trends and social direction.  Very interesting!