Vedas were Pre-Harrappan, Sunken Cities, their Architectures and Archeological Finds confirm a Great Indian Civilization

Was Harrappa Civilization Pre-Vedic, or was the, now completely rubbished “Aryan” Civilization, Vedic?  Or were the people after the Indus Valley Vedic?  This documentary goes in to detail of the cities and civilization before the Ice Age.

This journey takes us back to the discoveries that have been made with the help of National Institute of Oceanography which credibly challenge the current history of India itself.  Vedas and other scriptures after all, weren’t just “mythological writings”, but contained the facts of their times and the ones before them. Here is one study that is being referred to in the movie (Ancient Dwarka).

The rabid opposition of the “Secular Educationists”, including – and primarily the Historians – to anything that confirms a strong, remarkable and great Civilization which confirms the Truth in the Hindu Scriptures is damning for Factual History to be taught in India.  Why has Aryan Invasion Theory, a racist and convoluted falsehood concocted by the Brits and promoted by the Indian Historians – now thoroughly debunked – totally dumped?  Why do we still talk about it?  Why do we not look at the cities off the coast of Dwarka and Tamil Nadu more seriously?

This film brings all of those into focus.

Featured Image shows the computer model of the Ancient Dwarka City found off the shore of Gujarat.



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