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The “Third Eye Awakening” Fraud and the Obnoxious and Abusive Nithyananda Followers

On Aug 3, 2012 while returning from Kailash Yatra I first saw Swami Nithyananda.  He was walking back and forth in heavy gold ornaments with his disciple.  He would go upto the Nepal-Tibet border near the Friendship Bridge and walk back.  Then back again he came and then walked back.  Many of his disciples were waiting to go across.  Behavior or clothes etc of a person are never a good way to understand his/her spiritual attainment.  So I left my understanding of him at that.

Swami Nithyananda at Friendship Bridge (Nepal-Tibet)
Swami Nithyananda at Friendship Bridge (Nepal-Tibet)

Nithyananda has been mired in many controversies and did go underground for sometime as well.  But per published reports that was taken care of and he emerged without charge.  In today’s day and age of media and powers targeting Swamis, it isn’t a far fetched idea that he may have been targeted as well.

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Primacy of Supreme Consciousness is Sacrosanct and Non-negotiable

In my Spiritual journey, I started off with reading and trying to understand Sage Vasistha as well as I could in “Yoga Vasistha”.  It took me well over 2 years to get past the first 3 chapters.  Not because I couldn’t read well but because to understand Sage Vasistha the way he was sharing his knowledge is indeed not easy.  And I can say categorically that even then I wouldn’t have completely understood what he said because I haven’t had the experience that he or Ram had.  But at the fundamental level, I did understand things in their seriousness.

One thing emerged on my reading of Yoga Vasistha: Primacy of Supreme Consciousness is Sacrosanct and Non-negotiable.  That is the most critical and sufficient goal, aim, endeavor of Spiritual path.  Nothing else.  Anything else and whatever else that does not agree with that should be thrown away right away.  No matter what that is.

Thereafter, I have always evaluated people from the standpoint of what they say on the benchmark of its alignment with the Principle of Primacy of Supreme Consciousness.  If something aligns with that principle, then it is aligned with Spiritual truth, if not, then it needs to be put aside.  Gurus and Enlightened Beings have said a lot of things – some for Spiritual path and some for Social situations.  Anyone who is enlightened always says things that align with taking the listener to the point of realization of Supreme Consciousness.  So it does get tricky because for two different contexts Enlightened Masters say two different things which still align with the Truth.

To understand the veracity of the spoken word, what you then need is the context and the intention of the Master.  That is all one has to go by in this day and age with the lack of awakening that is needed to understand when you see an Enlightened Master.

Some utterances are however totally out of whack and clearly out of alignment with the Principle of Primacy of Supreme Consciousness.  Most of the utterances and explanations of “Western Spiritual teachers” like Eckhart Tolle fall in that category.  They seem “nice and goody-goody”, even profound, but make no Spiritual sense when evaluated under the Principle of Primacy of Supreme Consciousness.

Swami Nithyananda’s claim of using “Third Eye Awakening” is one such stuff. 

Ramakrishna Paramhans and his “Third Eye Awakening”

There is an interesting story of Ramakrishna Paramhans’ experience of final awakening.  Ramakrishna was an amazingly crystallized consciousness.  His devotion to Goddess Kali was so deep that in his experience, he lived every bit of his life with her.  Not to the outside observer, but to him Kali was a living experience.   That experience of Kali was his greatest tool, strength … and his biggest barrier to moving on to the final Supreme State.  He had an awakened Ajna but his Sahasrar was still not activated.  That leap was yet to be made.  That is when Totapuri, an amazing wandering monk and Guru entered his life.  His clear instruction to Ramakrishna was:

“You have to kill this Kali.  This won’t do.  This woman is too much of hindrance.  Gather courage.”

Try as hard as he could, Ramakrishna could not do that.  He pleaded that he could cut and kill his own mother, his father, his wife, himself and even his Guru.. but Kali?  No that wasn’t possible.  That is when Totapuri threatened to leave.  He came upon a broken piece of glass which he brought and said “Next time Kali comes to you and I see tears of bliss coming from your eyes, I will cut your forehead.  At that time, take Kali’s sword and cut her up!”

From where will I get the sword, asked Ramakrishna.  “From the same place you got Kali”.

As soon as Ramakrishna again went into his experience of bliss with tears flowing, Totapuri cut his forehead and Ramakrishna took Kali’s sword and cut her into two.  After that he went into deep Nirvikalp Samadhi for 6 days.  He had attained to his Supreme State.

That was the awakening of the “Third Eye”.

Ajna is not the Third Eye.  It is right beyond that.  It awakens when one is pushed deep into the abyss of Sahasrar.

Attaining to the highest state did not give Ramakrishna any “special powers” – Siddhis or whatever you may want to call them.  It gave him alignment and oneness with the Supreme Consciousness.  He, his Kali and the existence had dissolved.  Everything that one can call “himself” and the “other” had been comprehensively and completely destroyed for Ramakrishna!

That was precisely the import of Sage Yajnavalka when he gave the call of Neti, Neti.  To get to the Supreme State, you need to push aside everything that can be observed.  For, that state is one of the Eternal Observer!  When all that you can observe is dissolved comprehensively, then only the Eternal Observer is left.  That is the state of Complete Enlightenment.

Now, let us go back to the Nithyananda’s claim of Third Eye Awakening.  He (and Rajiv Malhotra) are parading kids who have supposedly “awakened” their Third Eye.  If they indeed had done that, no need to read anything would be left anymore.  One would be aligned with the source of this existence.

Abuse from Nithyananda’s Followers, Swamis, and Maas

I have met many Swamis and Maas – Sanyasis basically – in my life and specifically since I have been touched by Sadhguru and Isha.  They are a different level of beings.

However, the level and kind of abuse that has been showered on me by Nithyananda followers, specially the Sanyasins there – via Facebook and my blog post comments – is quite honestly – Shameful!  Lingo that even the worst criminals would be ashamed to use!!

This post is not written against Nithyananda as a Guru or teacher.  I wouldn’t go to him, but to many he is offering a lot.  So that should be respected.  So, this is NOT about a “rival Guru” – for I maintain that Guru is not a person.  Guru is the quality of this very Existence.  So, even though one person as Guru may have guided you, the Grace is of all the Gurus together.  It is the Grace of the Source of Existence itself!

And, that is what saddens me.  That, here are people who profess to walk the path of Spiritual awakening and all I am doing is pointing to the obvious anomaly in their understanding of something that is so fundamental to the Spiritual path – the Supreme Consciousness and it being beyond the physical!

I don’t care who you are – but unless you have absolute and complete clarity on this – Supreme Consciousness as the Primary state of attainment – then I cannot respect your understanding of Spirituality.

This is one thing that no matter what path any Guru ever took, all were clear and focused on.  Spirituality is an existential puruit.  Not a social rearrangement!  The “Third Eye Awakening” is the Key to this Existence itself, not a key to doing “miracles”!!

Here is a sampling of the comments that were posted by many disciples of Swami Nithyananda – including the Sanyasins there.  I leave your judgment of what such a crowd is being prepared for to you.

I maintain that injection of just pure hatred, anger, passion and love for occult/miracles will only lead Hindus “Activists” to destroy the very thing they are hell-bent on saving.


Abusive Comments from Nithyananda Disciples
Abusive Comments from Nithyananda Disciples

I happened to write a comment addressed to all this abuse to see if they could understand their own folly.  Instead, that started another rally of abuses.

Even More Abuse After my Comment
Even More Abuse After my Comment



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  1. Shashank Tulsyan says

    All stories zero references.
    You said “Ajna is not the Third Eye. It is right beyond that. It awakens when one is pushed deep into the abyss of Sahasrar.

    Give 1 reference to your claim about the 3rd eye to begin with.
    3rd eye is not the ajna chakra … blah!blah!blah!blah!

    See for example
    Agya (Sanskrit: आज्ञा, IAST: Agya, English: “command”), or Third-eye Chakra

    Your whole article is just a HUGE compilation of spiritual mastram stories where you just cook up things. No backing from scriputres, no references, you just manipulate spiritual knowledge for writing stupid blogs which no one reads, and everyone abuses. And then you write another blog crying over, “No one loves me, no one reads by blogs, everyone just abuses me”
    God!ow much spiritual fantasy will you masturbate day and night? Take a break or you will break it!

  2. Dmitry says

    You say powers are not good because Ramakrishna did not have them; Ramana Maharishi, Satya Sai Baba, Maharishi all had powers. You cheap worthless crook. Anyone reading your articles should curse you and your Gotra for having you and raising you to be the traitor to Hinduism that you are.

  3. Dmitry says

    Hey Fraud, why did you not allow my post to go through? The reality is that you have no power, spiritual experience, or even inspirational for true spirituality. You only want to vomit some words that show up in your weak and broken mind and feel you are a real man (which is not the case). So many Gurus had powers; Satya Sai Baba, Maharishi, Vivekananda, and many others all had and used powers. You should not speak things that will damage those who listen to you. You are both a traitor to Hinduism and a traitor to anyone who decides to read your blog.

  4. Hindu Devotee says

    You say, “I don’t care who you are – but unless you have absolute and complete clarity on this – Supreme Consciousness as the Primary state of attainment – then I cannot respect your understanding of Spirituality.”

    So, why should anyone respect you and anything you say? It is very clear you have not had any sort of a spiritual awakening but instead you waste your time making arbitrary claims which have zero evidence. You say you’ve spent time walking down the spiritual path but it is clear you have not read a single Hindu scripture or had an experience from the nonsense you’re spewing in this article.

    Our Swami Nithyananda on the other hand has not only had first had experience of Enlightenment but has clear references for everything He says from the scriptures.

    Just because you have a blog doesn’t make you an authority on anything. There is no need to act holier than thou. We see right through your bullshit. You go around abusing our Guru and hide behind politically correct words but cry when we respond with the raw truth.

    Don’t worry, no one is wasting their energy on hating you. Every insult or abuse is just plain fact, you ignorant pig.

    And since you’re such a big fan of Ramakrishna, I’ll leave you with this instruction from Him — anyone who abuses your Guru, cut his tongue.

    Get your head out of your ass and try to actually learn something. Since it took you so long to read just 3 chapters, you can’t afford to waste time abusing Gurus.

    Meanwhile, our Guru is just giving us experience with just a single initiation.

  5. Atmapriya says

    Desh kapoor u deserve much more from Kalabhairav

  6. Goutham says

    Just revisit your article you will understand how your perceptions were totally wrong from the actuals. That’s the testimony for you to learn from your own mistakes!

  7. Paul - New York says

    This author is such a joke. I am pretty see my comment will be banned like most of the others because anybody this full of himself and his intellectual abilities can’t stand a real challenge.

    So here’s the real challenge which also proves you are actually an idiot and have no right to mislead people by sounding smart about Hinduism or esoteric subjects.

    The challenge is simply this: please provide authentic scriptural references from classical Hindu texts such as Gita, Upanishads, shiva Agamas, etc which support even a single statement you made resting to your OPINION on powers. On the other hand even any 8 year old child in Nihyananada’s gurukul can point to a number of references supporting each and every thing they do, including expressing powers of third eye (which are Shaktis by the way and not Siddhis there is a big difference you should learn)

    After they’re done schooling you Nihyananda’s gurukul kids will then scan you with your third eye and let you know where you’re lying to your wife yesterday, and the exact location of the constipation both in your bowels and in your brain.

    Regarding so called “abuse” it’s actually a favor considering people who abuse Sanatana Hindu dharma, avatars, enlightened masters, or any God or Goddess for that matter incur heavy karma… You should probably know that after being so scholarly. So whatever method it take for somebody to shut up even if it’s by giving a rude shock is good for them at the end of he day. Otherwise fools like you go on running your mouth then end up wondering next life why you’re born in a dog body with only three legs 😉

    Your profile nicely states that the talent of an author is supposed to be taking the mundane and making it thrilling. You have certainly done a nice job by writing this fiction piece which has no basis in reality!

    1. Desh Kapoor says

      NO Comments have been banned and neither will be yours. Your unabashed and shameful vitriol is your testimony which I will let talk for you. So no none of your comments are being deleted or restricted. 🙂

      1. Ma Priya Nayaki says

        I don’t see my comments published.

        1. Desh Kapoor says

          The comments are moderated and your comment was published.

  8. Anuradha Rajasekaran says

    May be for you, Guru can be a principle. We all are blessed to have God(for many HE is god), Guru (for many HE is guru) in Human form. It is not by words. Through spiritual experience, I have realized HE is GOD. You don’t have any right to comment about HIM. I pity how your small mind is stopping you from having a great experience. According to our shastras, even you suspect anyone as enlightened being, you should not comment anything bad about HIM/HER. But you are doing it with an avatar. I don’t know what karma you are going to incur. IF you can do some good to humanity. If not , shut your mouth and keep quiet. Don’t abuse anyone who is taking responsibility for the whole cosmos………………….

  9. Ma Ananda Priyanayaki says

    So, this is written as an “intellectual” article – and you seem to have confidence in your selective quoting of scriptures; but you are missing REAL experience of consciousness. Since you’re missing that, it makes sense to work to achieve it – by meditating or visiting a REAL Guru – rather than abusing His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Are you aware that He is a Mahamandaleshwar of Mahanirvani Akhadha? His seat was elected by His peers, who are living saints of Hinduism – some who express siddhis; others who don’t.

    What I would caution you on is your liberal use of arrogance and smugness while writing posts such as these. I have some experience recognizing that, as someone with a graduate degree from a top-20 globally-ranked university. Don’t think that passive ego lacks ego – it is the most insidious form of ego! Many scholars have it, and it seems you possess it too, insulting Paramahamsa Nithyananda without knowing Him. It would be good for you to put aside what people have written – what you view as vitriol – and visit Paramahamsa Nithyananda Himself.

    Why not speak with Him? Why not take a program?

    Are you aware of how much FREE healing He has given (and continues to give) to the world? I know people – including myself – who were healed of diseases by Him.

    And while I do not support the entirety of the language being used against you, mainly because you do not understand it, you need to take a lesson from it. Take the lesson from it, namely:

    WHEN you abuse the Cosmos (the Guru!), the Cosmos Itself responds!.

    In the meantime, do not be hurt. Simply come and visit Him, without prior judgement. One who has been placed in the highest post by living saints of Mahanirvani Akhadha – who know more about Hinduism than you do, and who have experienced enlightenment first-hand – cannot be judged by meager intellect, pseudo-intellect, or otherwise.

    Make this the day where you come to Paramahamsa Nithyananda and any Gurus who disagree with you, with an open mind. Realize they have EXPERIENCED ENLIGHTENMENT, and you have not yet…. But you can!

    God bless you.

    1. Christine Calderon says

      FREE????? $13,000 is not free

  10. Jordana says

    You are one proud idiot.

  11. Shaas A. Ruzicka says

    Wow! All those comments are self-explanatory. They show what to think about the “opening of the 3. eye”.

    Yoga Sutra says that Sidhis (powers) arise through birth, herbs, mantra, tapas, or samâdhî.

    The quality of the comments and threats show that Samâdhî (enlightenment) is not the source in these cases.

  12. Raman Viswanathan says

    Hi Desh Kapoor, you are part of the whole, but you never have rights to abuse any master or give any comments on any masters work.. especially about this third eye power.. If you have the ability to listen to his teaching and radiate his energy to world great. If you have another guru who guides you into a different path, it is perfectly okay.. What audacity you have to talk about swami nithyananda and his disciples… when you say, ‘third eye’ taught by him is fraud, come and experience how he is unfolding it through science.

    Instead, you are only abusing him. Can i call you, you are an obnoxious follower of some other X master whoever he is… What the heck you are talking about.. Go on enriching the world with your self realization then…

  13. cherry nair says

    Hello Desh, looks like you have too much free time to sit and mull over our guru and post hateful content about us. Why don’t you use your free time instead to get some authentic knowledge? It is only our guru who gives these initiations to everyone. He is only here to awaken the God within us and enable us to demonstrate these powers. He is carrying on the legacy of Hindu Dharma and only fools like you can go against him and degrade our culture and everything it stands for.

  14. Kavimani says

    You don’t even have a correct meaning nor reference regarding third-eye, being such a half-baked potato you expect people to take your opinion seriously? Hahaha. what kind of delusional person you are. your denial of enlightened beings expressing powers shows you how much of Hinduism you understand. it’s such a pity if you’re believing masters dont manifest powers. the concept of people expressing powers is the proof of you’re travelling and aligned with the frequency of superconciousness, and the powers are manifested only from the oneness a person feels with the cosmos, which every Hinduism texts preaches. union of one with the universe IS what sacred texts like Upanishads, Gita and Shiva Sutras teach us to experience. please understand Hinduism from masters who teach you the original contents of hinduism such as upanishads and agamas, ability of a master to manifest powers shall be a reference to us on their connection with the universe. please educate yourself before writing articles and publishing it else dont expect people to be naive with your “intellectual” POVs and accept them without questioning because most of the devotees of Nithyananda have experienced manifestations of powers. you could be holding a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, but ultimately a farmer understands the plants better than you due to his experience. Same way, EVEN if you have the accurate facts about powers and third eye, you’re clarity about it is less by many folds compared to people who experience it. without experiencing it, your opinions become insignificant, furthermore, when u present your “accurate and precise”ly researched “facts” dont expect a better treatments from those who know and understood things better than you. distortion of clarity in the knowledge you’ve presented is very obvious, so you’re clearly not in a position forms theories on it and expect the people to accept it. half-baked potato which made itself to a plate is thrown a dustbin anyway.

  15. Desh Kapoor says

    Here is my response to all you super aggressive, full of inferiority complex and lacking in any art or ways of debate or logic.

    1. Nithyananda was not abused. I said what I said about the characterization of a practice and why it was incorrect based on discussions by the best Spiritual beings.

    2. Many of you have shamefully abused Sadhguru without any provocation. Since you are so full of yourself and the abilities of your Guru – please do go and ask him what was he doing attending Sadhguru’s programs at Isha before he became the Swami that he is now. And more importantly, why was he chased out of the Isha Ashram. That would help you understand what you are talking about whom. I have said in my article that it was not about any other Guru – that is not how Spirituality was transmitted to me. But I will not keep quiet about a practice or characterization that is patently and obviously false.

    3. With explicitly low-life and sexually-loaded abuses that you have hurled at me and everyone near and dear to me, you have amply shown that the stories of Nithyananda being involved in sexual scandals may not after all be false. After all, the fruit doesn’t fall far away from the tree.

    4. And now for using the “powers” against me to “destroy” me. My Guru has already got that going. I am being destroyed and hopefully before I shed my body, I will be fully dissolved. So thanks but no thanks! Let your Guru work out his powers for himself and for those he calls his disciples.

    5. Finally, if you are really and honestly on the Spiritual path – then please do yourself a favor. Use your obvious passion, anger and intensity in your Sadhana. It will help you all. Tathastu.

    1. Vidya says

      A re O Drishtikone Ke author,pehle aap drishti kone chodke icecream cone khalo.. dimaag ko thoda tandi milegi..
      Baad mein aapki drishti bhi check karaa lena..

      1. Desh Kapoor says

        ok sure.

  16. Ram Swamy says

    Wow… this whole discussion was very enlightening! First the language used against Desh is reprehensible. If one were to read all these comments not knowing that they were coming from people who claim to be ‘spiritual” one could easily assume road side goons or career criminals were making these comments. Your abuses don’t reflect well at all on each of you individuals or your guru!

    If you disagreed with the article, and wanted to get your point of view across all you had to do was mention why you disagreed and gracefully walk away. Your vicious foul mouthed attack on Desh leaves much to be desired and definitely doesn’t add to the glory of hinduism!

    As for Desh…I read your original article, I started with the video and the very crux of the video was Nithyanand explaining he is a disciple of a Sadashiv who has charted a different path to enlightenment and the powers his disciples manifest are shaktis, and very different from siddhis. And then you go about talking about siddhis in your article?? You don’t even take the time to understand what Nithyanand is saying in the video again and again! You didn’t abuse Nithyanand in explicit words, but these words “Without going into the abilities of Swami Nithyananda as a Guru” among others that follow convey a certain intent don’t they?

    Spiritualism is an internal journey, no one has a patent on it. It can be different for each Guru and hold a different meaning for each shishya. So I suggest the various followers of Nithyanand focus on their guru and his teachings and stop denigrating hinduisim, spiritualism and their guru and themselves and Desh, you paint yourself as a spiritual seeker, but the tone of your articles is that of someone who seems to know it all. You always talk down as if you are a guru, you use big words to form sentences which make little sense when put together. I hope you can improve your writing to be more inclusive.

    1. Desh Kapoor says

      Dear Ram – thanks for your comment! Let us discuss specific points:

      You didn’t abuse Nithyanand in explicit words, but these words “Without going into the abilities of Swami Nithyananda as a Guru” among others that follow convey a certain intent don’t they?

      Yes, I have a certain view of Swami Nithyananda based on many things. But I will talk about this issue itself. I am sure Sadashiv, whom Nithyananda calls his Guru followed a certain way to take his disciples to enlightenment. I also agree that every Guru has his own path and no one can really start debating that. And I am not debating that as well. If occult or whether you call them Shaktis or Siddhis – very thin line between them – are used as tools for Spiritual Journey then has been considered to be fine. Many have used it, including Ramakrishna. But such things are done under very controlled situations and not done willy-nilly in a public show. Why? Because they can be easily misused by those who aren’t serious about their intent or path. That is why as a matter of principle – the highest of Yogis have specifically put occult or the shaktis and Siddhis gotten from them down. They can very easily side-track the best of the best and take one away from the path which is what every Guru is focused on. Therefore, the controlled situation requirement.

      but the tone of your articles is that of someone who seems to know it all. You always talk down as if you are a guru, you use big words to form sentences which make little sense when put together.

      Ram, you cannot hold my style of writing against me. Can you? This is how I write just as others write differently. And honestly, I dont start off with any plan on an article – I write in a flow without ever changing a word or editing. In fact, I do most of my editing AFTER having published my article (as very bad practice!). So what you read is not because I set out to write something that way or intended to “play Guru”, but because that is how the facts presented themselves. For a guy who couldn’t write prose for nuts, I consider my blog writing a gift – however shoddy and bad they maybe – and not an accomplishment. As long and as much I can write-as-I-think, I will. When that ability goes, this blog will stop too.

      My intention is not to put down a Guru, but I have been fairly clear on who can be considered a Guru. For me, it is not about the appearance or seeming attainments, but about how focused and ruthless a Guru is to EITHER beating down his / her disciples’ identity to nothing or expanding infinitely via total compassion. I see demonstrations of Siddhis and Shaktis as evidence of reinforcing one’s identity. That is a BIG red flag in my view.

      1. Ram Swamy says

        Desh, I am a layperson…i don’t believe in gurus and structured study of hinduism and spirituality, so I am not going to debate shakti/siddhi and it’s use with you. I read your article and I found a disconnect between what you wrote and the opening video, it just didn’t make sense…Nithyanand spent the better part of the video explaining the difference between the two and you wrote only about siddhi. You might think they are both the same, but as a writer your job is to convey to the reader that this is what you think. The reader shouldn’t have to guess.

        I am just telling it like it is about how your articles are framed. You don’t come across as a seeker. You don’t seem to be on a journey to gather, you seem to be distributing, that’s just how your writing comes across, if that is who you are then fine, but if it isn’t, maybe you need to change something in the tenor of your writing.

        Finally more than the article, the comments section amused me! Religion is the root cause of violence in the world today and it shocks me how people forget to live their lives in the now and instead dredge up stories and fables from the past and then claim, my father is stronger than yours and if you don’t believe it, I will kill you!

        There is a lot to be gained from religion and scripture not just hindu but otherwise but this should be a personal journey. If every person in this world kept their religion or lack of it inside their self where it belongs the world would be heaven/jannat/swarg today, yet people waste their lives away aspiring for the unknown to beautiful! Such people are to be pitied.

        I imagine if you wrote an article denouncing god, god would just look at it, smile and move on. But look at the proponents of a supposed incarnation of god, such abusive language, such anger and violence within them, so shameful!

        1. Desh Kapoor says

          Ram: Thanks for your balanced comments. They seem refreshing and thought-provoking at last after the gutter language 🙂

          1. I agree that I didn’t spend time differentiating between Shakti and Siddhi that Nithyananda discussed. My bad. In my view, Shakti and Siddhi is after all the capability that comes when one gains more control over the Panch-bhuta – which is the first step on Spiritual path. It happens to all serious seekers. But not played up because its a factor of the journey.

          2. Yes, there is a seeking that goes on and then you need to express on things that you understand. I am not ashamed to say that I do not have experience. I have intellectual understanding of spiritual areas that I have spent time to contemplate on. Once I am clear on those areas within myself, I write on them. I have a strong writing style I realize, but that doesn’t take away the fact in my mind that I am nowhere when it comes to actual goals. I will explain it with an example. We have all been told that Kailash is Shiva himself in energy form. Many Yogis have expressed that. I don’t know because I am not “there”. Yet, my inabilities were very clear to me when I was returning from Kailash because if I hadn’t gotten any nearer to enlightenment in a substantial way EVEN after being in Shiva’s presence.. then it is fairly clear that I have a very long and arduous path in front of me. That itself broke me down on my way back. But my writing about the place and what I DID experience is emphatic and clear.

          3. I agree on the point about spirituality as an inner and personal journey. I also would say that it has nothing to do with “God”. Because the moment you bring an unknown factor, you lose the independence for seeking. In fact, God was never the goal.. one’s ownself was.

          And, it is only when the investment in Guru/God/Concepts/Belief is without that bit of detachment, such things – like the abuse – happen. We see that in religions all over the world. In fact, most of the comments reminded me of how the crazy Islamists from ISIS would react. Give these people a knife and they will be willing to cut people’s throats for simply differing from their views! That is how they are reducing Dharma to an Islamic paradigm. Oh well!

        2. Ram Swamy says

          I have been on a spiritual journey from a very young age. I remember looking into a dark and starry sky as early as eight years of age and questioning existence.

          Most members of my family were religious. Shiva being the focus of their attention. It was then That I realized the the answers are not out in the world, in temples or in books or in the words of so called sages and gurus but within.

          Today, I don’t have any more questions. I am content as I have realized the truth. This is my truth, I own it and it keeps me centered and on a path. It doesn’t involve gurus, or reading scripture or learning Sanskrit, one doesn’t need all that to be spiritual, there are no tools required other than your own consciousness.

          You too will find what you seek within. Looking for answers outside of yourself is futile, because then you are following someone else’s journey. Look inward and be your own North Star. The answer isn’t that complicated, but it is difficult to digest, because it is simple. So simple that it is almost laughable. But thinking about it some more, ruminating and putting together the pieces of the puzzle, there isn’t any other answer!

        3. Desh Kapoor says

          Thanks for your sharing, Ram!

          I started my Spiritual journey in 2003 or so with going through Krishnamurti’s work and Yoga Vasistha. It wasn’t easy to understand the crux of what they said, but over time it was rewarding. That was the time when I was completely Anti-Guru. A friend and mentor mentioned Sadhguru at that time, but I pushed him back. I kept on with my own contemplation for 5-6 years until I realized that what was I doing was just rearranging my prejudices. I was on a treadmill and not getting anywhere spiritually.

          That was the time when I realized that I DID need a Guru. And that was the time I realized that Sadhguru was the only one who made complete sense.

          One of the program at Isha is called “Bhava Spandana”, where it is said metaphorically that if there is a wall and the “enlightened world” is on the other side, then we will get a glimpse during it. The whole group – 300+ – are taken to a point where everyone is resonating each other’s energy. I still remember looking at a tree and tearing up or at someone else and feel like I see everything he/she was. When that moment actually came, I sobbed for over 4 hours non-stop. I had experienced something that cannot be explained or described. I had suddenly realized that whatever I had ever read, written, heard, seen, etc was nothing but complete BULLSHIT! Because it wasn’t the truth. Because Truth was so magnificently amazing!

          That is the Truth I want to reside in. Ram, there is no “my truth” and I do not want to settle for a “mental make-believe”, I am looking for the real thing for ever.

          Many things have happened around me and to me which earlier I would have found to be in the realm of inexplicable – but that is not something I pay any importance to. What is critical to me is the fact that there is “something” out there which is amazing and I have touched it and want to be there always.

          More importantly, I cannot do that without help. And also that I will not settle for anything less.

  17. S.V.SAI BABA says

    About third eye awakening/Mid brain activation frauds, one of my college mates Mr.Narendra nayak,from Mangalore has conducted many seminars and published articles to expose the scam.


  18. Christine Calderon says

    Hello, I am honored to have found this discussion. I will keep my comment to that only. I am currently “attending” one such program of “Nithyananda”. I am hold up in hotel alone avoiding except to go now and then to eat food and visit others but came from a far place to find this very disturbing different than the youtube videos program. I will survive. I will return home knowing that I was already awake before I came here. Learned a valuable lesson once again. “A fool and her money are quickly parted” So sorry to read the abusive comments. Ashamed yet wiser am I for the most unique “inner awakening” I have experienced through being honest with myself.
    Love and respect to you

    1. Guru-G says

      Namaste – You are better to find this out now before becoming to invested into it.
      I hope you didn’t buy into the whole $13,000 scam.

  19. Guru-G says

    Ah I see you have met his lovely devotees. They have attempted to curse me so many times
    and have lately called for my utter destruction by any means possible. I still stand up and
    speak the Truth of his being a total con man who mangles the texts he says he is speaking
    on. I have never seen the likes of one that actually blesses his people to go out and curse
    others and be as simply nasty as they can be. Now nothing speaks to him being a genuine
    spiritual teacher than that.

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