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Third Eye and Siddhis: Irresponsible and Ignorant Ways of Nithyananda and Followers!

Today a friend introduced me to a video, which I had seen sometime back and brushed aside.  The video shows Mr. Rajiv Malhotra discussing “Third eye awakening” and Siddhis that some kids in the Ashram of Swami Nithyananda have attained to.

Without going into the abilities of Swami Nithyananda as a Guru, one needs to look at what was offered by him in the video and what he suggested.  Before, I go into that, let us go and listen to the highest of the enlightened beings that have walked the planet.

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Sage Vasistha’s take on Siddhis of Vipascit

In Yoga Vasistha, Sage Vasistha introduces a “fourfold” being, Vipascit to Ram.  Vipascit is one being but lived as four different persons, where all four were doing different things.  As the mighty Sage explained:

Thus the diverse appears to be one, but it is both diverse and non-diverse (one); becuase it is neither diverse not non-diverse, it is both diverse and one.  Therefore whatever appeared before each of the four Vipascits reflected in his consciousness and was experienced by him.  Yogis can perform actions everywhere and experience all things in all the three periods of time, though apparently remaining in one place.

That was the Siddhi acquired by the Yogi called Vipascit.  He baffled Ram, who still further pushed his Guru Sage Vasistha asking him how could such yogis perform totally different actions in so many different places and time?  Sage Vasistha explained:

Whatever be the explanation that the unenlightened people may give for this, let them; but listen to the enlightened explanation.

In the vision of the knowers of truth, there is nothing other than the pure and infinite consciousness, and the objective universe is completely and totally non-existent.  There is neither a creation not its opposite.  He who rests forever in this pure and infinite consicouness is the omnipresent and omnipotent Lord; he is the all and he is the self of all at all times.

Vipascit, despite seeming like a miraculous being because of his powers, holds little value in the eyes of Sage Vasistha – in terms Spiritual standing!  He says that even though Vipascit is “awakened, but his consciousness had not attained the supreme state”.  For someone with such Siddhis that baffled even Ram himself, that looks like a gross underestimation – right?  Well, not quite.  Sage Vasistha further lays it out clearly.

Whatever Vipascit had attained had been attained through contemplation, not because he had reached the supreme state.  All these siddhis or psychic powers are had by such contemplation.

In those who have reached the supreme state, there is no ignorance or delusion.  How can they have a deluded vision and how can they see falsehood?  The yogis who practise contemplation and who attain various psychic powers through grace or boons are subject to ignorance which is noticed in them.  Hence, they contemplate not the truth but something which is other than the real.

Here are the major takeaways:

  • Goal of all Spiritual work is Supreme State.
  • Siddhis are attained on the Spiritual path, but those who hold them as important or even significant are suffering from ignorance.  They are going away from the truth!

Why would this be?  Why would the greatest of Gurus always shun the significance to Siddhis, when they are a natural consequence of the Spiritual path?

To understand this, you need to understand the goal.  The goal is to go beyond your physical sense of being.  That we are rooted in our physical sense – mind and body – is the very reason we find it hard to go to the innermost core of our being.  The i-ness, our identity is what keeps us rooted.  Our need and urge to take up identities doesn’t allow us to go beyond that superficial self and dig further.

Occult and Siddhis happen at a subtler level of our physical being, but physical nevertheless.  One who is startled by the jazz of the natural state that lies at the border of physical and non-physical.  That place where we enter the area of no-space and no-time, changes the very game of existence (as even Einstein was to tell us in the last century!).

In that area, what happens as a natural consequence appears a miracle or a startling experience to ONLY those who are mentally and emotionally still rooted in the physical.  For, one who has himself reached that level of consciousness where he is about to step into the non-physical, such Siddhis would look as natural and obvious as Sun is to us.  There will be no interest of significance for him.  Only those yogis who have only stumbled into that realm without being fully prepared or properly guided – make a big deal out of those Siddhis.  It is ok for a kid to be vowed by his Dad jumping and touching the ceiling fan, but for every adult that is just a natural factor of one’s height.  No big deal!  Only a tall kid with a toddler’s mind would be amazed at the miracle of touching the fan!  Here is how Sadhguru discusses Siddhis and their importance:

So, significance to Siddhis is the work of an immature mind.  It is the work of someone who is further getting rooted into his physical as opposed to transcending beyond it.

How Matsyendranath Admonished Gorakhnath for Using His Siddhis!

Sadhguru explains the disdain with which highest of the Gurus have looked at Siddhis and their use (rather misuse) by some.  He discusses the story of Mahasiddha and Maharishi Matsyendranath and his disciple Gorakhnath.  As per many Yogis, Matseyendranath was no less than Shiva himself and is said to have lived in his physical body for over 600 years!  Here is the story of Rishi Matsyendranath and his disciple Goraknath.

Matsyendranth saw that Gorakhnath, an immense possibility for the world, was getting very attached to the person of the Guru. So, he sent him away for fourteen years. “Go away to some other mountain and do your sadhana. Come back after fourteen years.” Gorakhnath left, and was in intense sadhana – but counting days as to when he would set his eyes upon his Guru again. Exactly after fourteen years, he came back to where he expected his Guru to be and found another disciple guarding the door. Gorakhnath told him that he had come to see Matsyendranath. The disciple said “No, you cannot enter.” Immediately, Gorakhnath flew into an intense rage and said “How can you stop me? I have been waiting for fourteen years.Who are you to stop me?” The disciple said “It doesn’t matter who I am, you cannot enter.”

Gorakhnath pounced upon the man, put him down physically and entered the cave in which his Guru was supposed to be staying. But when he went in, it was empty. He came out weeping and asked “Where is he?” The disciple said “I have no intention of telling you. You are too crude.” Gorakhnath begged him, but to no avail. Then, using his occult power, Gorakhnath read the other yogi’s mind, found out where his Guru was and went straight there.

The moment he got there, Matsyendranth knew how he had come to know. Matsyendranath told him “You misused the sadhana I gave you. You misused it to enter the mind of your brother yogi. You had no business to read his mind. You have found the lowest expression to the yoga I gave you.”

Occult is the lowest expression of yoga, but that is the first thing people would like to do. They want to see something or do something that others cannot. In yogic terminology, it means he expressed himself through the Muladhara. So Matsyendranth said to Gorakhnath, “Go away, block your Muladhara and sit for another fourteen years.”

This is why the idea of Siddhis and Occult is largely shunned on the Spiritual path.

“Third Eye Awakening” and Nithyananda: Bastardizing the highest Spiritual state

In a video, Rajiv Malhotra demonstrated how the kids are attaining to “Third Eye Awakening” and using that to read stuff with blindfolds.  Interestingly, and thankfully, they haven’t reached the state of the celebrated Vipascit or Gorakhnath.

To understand what the Third Eye awakening means, one has to go into how the legend is told.  It is always said that Shiva opened his third eye and dissolved the creation.  Now it says something that – if understood from the basic understanding of Yoga – says something very clearly.  Please go back and read what Sage Vasistha told Ram about the difference between the pure infinite consciousness and the objective Universe.  When one attains to Enlightenment, Sage Vasistha clarifies, there is neither creation nor its opposite for him.  All is one.  The creation is dissolved for in reality there is none.

One that takes you to the point of highest state of enlightenment by helping you experience that which is beyond creation and non-creation, cannot be something physical.  “Third Eye” cannot be a physical mechanism, despite it happening within “you” and to “you” at the point of enlightenment.  That awareness and level of consciousness would be yours to experience even if you were to shed the body at that very moment.  The level of that consciousness has nothing to do with the body at all in the first place.

For Nithyananda and Rajiv Malhotra to tout reading a book blindfolded as “Third Eye Awakening” is not only irresponsible, but it is height of their ignorance and lack of basic understanding of Yoga and Spiritual path.


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  1. Swami Muktanand Puri says

    Siddhi’s may mean nothing for someone who has attained them & gone beyond them, but an average person will rarely reach that level. So for the average person they are a big deal. At least these siddhi’s are inspiring people to practice Yog. In Kalyug that is a step in the right direction. Kalyug should be understood as the age of Adharma. Hence any Spiritual practice that anyone does, so long as the motive is not destruction of the self or others is a step in the right direction.

  2. Dingo says

    You stupid fellow – leave talking about spirituality to those who have experienced and have the ability to reproduce it in others.. just because you are frustrated, don’t take it out in the guise of intellectual bull-shit.

    1. Shaas A. Ruzicka says

      Wow, you must be a spiritual person of high attainment! A true disciple of Nithyananda!

  3. Moksha says

    The article reeks of undigested book knowledge of enlightenment and spirituality. Saying in the ultimate state there is no distinction between you and another is like saying “in the ultimate state everything is made of atoms.. So why write a blog post? Or why pay for a train ticket? ” It is this kind of ignorance and mental intellectual view of enlightenment without experience that causes the greatest harm to Hinduism. While Vasishta and Patanjali warn of siddhis leading one astray.. Or that they are not the ultimate state, it does not mean that one should not have them or that they are always bad. Did Vasishta stop eating because he was enlightened.. Or did Krishna not enjoy the devotion of his disciples.. Siddhis.. Are the natural side effects of the state of enlightenment. The Gurukul Balasants are not the much deluded and needs serious psychiatric help.

  4. Moksha says

    The article reeks of undigested book knowledge of enlightenment and spirituality. Saying in the ultimate state there is no distinction between you and another is like saying “in the ultimate state everything is made of atoms.. So why write a blog post? Or why pay for a train ticket? ” It is this kind of ignorance and mental intellectual view of enlightenment without experience that causes the greatest harm to Hinduism. While Vasishta and Patanjali warn of siddhis leading one astray.. Or that they are not the ultimate state, it does not mean that one should not have them or that they are always bad. Did Vasishta stop eating because he was enlightened.. Or did Krishna not enjoy the devotion of his disciples.. Siddhis (or Shaktis rather) are the natural side effects of the state of enlightenment. The Gurukul Balasants are not using this for personal gain or to cheat but to enrich the world about the greatness of the vedic civilization. If the author thinks that is wrong then he is much deluded and needs serious psychiatric help

  5. Jayakrishna Velampati says

    Fox crying of sour grapes which it can have

  6. Jayakrishna Velampati says

    Foxes crying grapes are sour which it cannot have

  7. Sahiti Malladi says

    Are you out of your mind? You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. You clearly are not well read in the same scriptures that you’re speaking about. What Nithyananda and his followers express are shaktis- as taught by Shiva himself- not siddhis. His followers are Adi Shaivas, not Patanjalas.

  8. Sahiti Malladi says

    You must be jealous that you’re stuck with a foul body and mind while Nithyananda and his followers are radiating powers that you are never capable of. What kind of writer are you?

    It’s best if you leave your job for the sake of anyone who ever knows you.

    1. Shaas A. Ruzicka says

      your refined language and emotions show a high level of spirituality. A true disciple of Nithyananda

  9. Devanatha says

    What atrocity and ignorance! Keep your filthy mouth shut. You know nothing. Citing some scriptures and master without the least bit of experience. What useless crap is coming out of your mouth. It is informed non-sense, non-experience writing. Siddhis are different, powers Nithyananda is manifesting are different. Powers (Shakti’s) are manifesting from the space of Oneness, so no question of distraction. Only expression of enlightenment. 400 Shaktis are mentioned in Agamas by Sadashiva. That science is being revived by Paramahamsa Nithyananda and shared with the world. And you have the guts to give your uninformed ‘viewpoint’. It is nothing more then your stupid uniformed ignorant opinion nobody is waiting for. Stupid fellow! I am using these strong words not for you, i don’t care about the karma you create for yourself and your rotten life. It is for others sincere seekers i am telling all this. I don’t want them to get diverted by your so called learned opinions…

  10. Sahiti Malladi says

    You quote Sadhguru but did you know he sold yoga to the world, like he was selling his own mother to be a sex slave. Is that what you want to be? A pimp?

    Go to hell, motherfucker.

  11. True Hindu says

    You bastard, if you had seen the actual video you would know that Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami makes a clear distinction between shaktis and siddhis. If you had even the listening of a pile of crap you would be able to see that clearly Sadhashiva says that shaktis manifest from the advait if space whereas siddhis come on the path to enlightenment. Therefore only siddhis can be distractions. Sadguru is a sad guru with no legitimacy. He won’t think twice to sell his mother to make money. He claims he is not even a Hindu guru. How dare you anise Swamiji using words from sad guru? At Swamiji’s ashram people are practicing shaktis. You irresponsible, prostitue of a journalist have no business reporting on the gifts that Swamiji is providing to the world. If you, an illiterate pig, don’t want to benefit, then at least let the rest of us human beings raise to that level. You simple minded stinking pile of horse shit. Wake up!

    1. Shaas A. Ruzicka says

      your refined language and emotions do identify you as a true disciple of Nithyananda and a person who realized Oneness.

  12. Rohit says

    What about the bastardization of words of great sages that you are doing just to get a few hits on your blog? Your interpretation of the words of Vashishta just to suit your agenda is the acme of prostitution. You would sell your own mother if it would get you more clicks on your beloved blog.

    It is clear that in your greed and delusion, you haven’t even listened to the explanation provided by Swami Nithyananda.

  13. Srilekha says

    Why don’t you tell in plain words that you are jealous and trying your level best to label it a “forbidden fruit?”
    Anybody with a little common sense can see the story of sour grapes through your jargon “apparently backed by references from the Shaastras”
    Get the facts right before you soo blatantly expose your ignorance in public….you fool!
    Have you ever seen and interacted with snow of the kids/ devotees who are expressing these Shaktis? They are not the Siddhis that you seemingly claim to be knowing.
    Relax from your stupidity and keep your stinking mouth shut. Go find a sty and celebrate your nonsensical existence with your peers.

  14. Sahiti Malladi says

    I’m so sorry you’re wife has to tolerate you. How can she live with such an ignorant fool? How dare you call Nithyananda ignorant? You’re less than dirt to him. Do you have any idea the mistake you have just made?

  15. Sahiti Malladi says

    You have no idea what kind of error you made. This will burn you.

  16. Ravikran says

    You are a shame to Hinduism, You and your SAD GURU are the most Stupidest and Idiot people on earth. An open challenge to you and to your SAD GURU, if you have drank your own mothers milk and if you have born to a true Hindu and if you think even the HINDU blood is running in your body. First apologise to THE AVATAR HIS HOLINESS SRI PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA and try to save yourselves before HE opens HIS THIRD EYE and burn you guys.

    Here SWAMIJI is so casually INITIATING HIS deciples into Third eye Shakti and what you have seen is nothing.

    Your article clearly shows that The SAD GURU is been completely sold and it is such a shame to see him being soooo Cheap. Who try to use words and try to play with words and makes all the effort to only get the appreciation and attention. He is too shallow there is no Spirituality in him.

    Seeing and waiting to come back on you strongly based on your reply in the comments line.

    1. Shaas A. Ruzicka says

      Your exquisit language and refined emotions identify you as a true disciple of Nithyananda and a person who realized Oneness. Congratulations! 🙂

  17. Kali says

    You will drown in the flood that is coming now because of your grave your mistake. You won’t have a career anymore. You’ll be known as the one who doubted the great Nithyananda. Scratch that, you simply won’t be known at all. You’ll be ash.

  18. Kali says

    This is my curse upon you. You will burn by the cold fire of my gaze. Everyone that loves you will hear your screams and it will make them bleed.

  19. Kali says

    This website has an expiration date. It will be lost by 8/8/2016.

  20. Moksha says

    Thanks for censoring comments on your article so that people are not provided an opportunity to refute your points and you can continue to pretend you are right.

  21. Nirbheda says

    The problem is not atheists or the terrorists, the problem is from the bastards like you who talk as if you are enlightened. By quoting some texts from a religion that has produced millions of scriptures does’nt prove your point.
    This is clearly an article to defame the Hinduism.
    You have not guts to abuse a Hindu Guru if you are so worried about enlightenment and the consequences of siddhis. The video clearly says that Swami Nithyananda is taking about Shakthis from Shivaagamas not the siddhis. So the whole crap story that you have written is not appropriate and atrocious. Read the scripture of Shivagama, till then you should consider shutting your arse

  22. Ma Kalaadevi says

    Sat guru , i feel you are possessed by jealously and judgement. It is a glove that does not fit the hand of a holy being, a glove you are clearly wearing.
    You are experiencing the cold and heat of your insecutities. Though you needn’t.
    You are unique and…….
    Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Swamiji….is an AVATAR.

  23. Nicoletta says

    It looks like you wrote this article just to show how well informed you are about Siddhis and third eye awakening. First thing I wanted to tell you is that you’re an ignorant, arrogant and very stupid. Second thing is that you totally missed the contest about the Master giving powers. These Siddhis are awakened in evolving people how are utterly selfless and used to do good to others. Nithyananda disciples aren’t so cheap people like you, who get cut into power. You don’t know anything. You’re so far away from Oneness and responsibility that’s why you can’t understand. And you will never understand with your arrogance and stupidity..

  24. Ananda says

    This article stinks of ignorance and inexperience. Author’s bio says he can turn the most mundane topic into a thrilling story. So you not only just insulted the entire Vedic culture as mundane, you also fail at writing an unbiased, intelligent piece, let alone a thrilling one. You’re a tabloid writer and nothing more. Good luck with that and your creative pen (LOL).

  25. cherry nair says

    Dear beloved author, I respect the time and effort you have taken to study these scriptures and my guru’s actions towards which have generated so much interest in this field. Thank you for that. What I fail to understand is how you are an author? Your analysis of these scriptures and others live demonstrations of these powers baffles me as its so simple and easy to understand and practice that even a 7-year-old kid can demonstrate it and you who must be 30+ has failed to understand what the core of the matter is. I suggest you find some authentic answers from authentic people like Nithyananda. Hey on that note, he has his program coming up in September, why don’t you go there and see for yourself what it means to actually be able to demonstrate these powers yourself? Think about it, I know your tempted to go 😉 Cheers!


      You are a shame to Hinduism, You and your SAD GURU are the most Stupidest and Idiot people on earth. An open challenge to you and to your SAD GURU. you have born to a true Hindu and if you think even the HINDU blood is running in your body. First apologise to THE AVATAR HIS HOLINESS SRI PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA and try to save yourselves before HE opens HIS THIRD EYE and burn you guys.

  26. Eszter says

    Why are you full of philosophical bullshit? This world needs authentic knowledge coming from original sources, not people who can copy paste paragraphs from books without having a glimpse of spiritual experiences. If you have such a big mouth behind your PC, come and challenge any of the Gurkul kids or Swamiji’s disciples who declare that can read with Third Eye. Actually it’s not even reading, it’s beyond reading. Might be that your Third Eye is not awakened but i hope at least you have awakened guts to show your face and stand by your statements in front of Swamiji. Otherwise you are the greatest shallow philosopher who just suffers from some goody goody attention need. Just to add my personal experience, a few hours ago I beautifully read all the words that were given to me with blindfold. This is Shakti, the Power that can be manifested only when Oneness is felt. I can tell you that I had an amazing experience, i guess much more relevant than yours as ‘being introduced to a video’! You are just too pathetic…

  27. BlissfulSeeker says

    I’m pretty sure the author has not even attempted to try any of the initiations he is against. How can you form an opinion without trying it? He at least must talk to someone who is expressing these siddhis. This is clearly a biased article.

  28. Donna Delahanty says

    This author who uses his “creative pen” to turn mundane stories into thrillers is obviously not researching his topic and merely basing his evaluations on media sensationalism to try to garner interest for his own fame & fortune. If he truly knew the truth, beauty and generosity of the work Swamiji tirelessly shares with the world he would never have written this article. This is abusive and should be removed. And the reference to the article at the bottom should be removed since it has been proven false.

    1. Desh Kapoor says

      Pointing to Truth is “abuse” to only those who are too full of themselves. And, that was my point.. you and others here have proved my point amply. Unfortunately.

      1. Shashank Tulsyan says

        What you are telling is not the truth, it is a made up projection of your spiritual fantasy you cooked up with some sad-guru. You very well know it. You will be destroyed.

  29. Shashank Tulsyan says

    Your say, “Vipascit, despite seeming like a miraculous being because of his powers, holds little value in the eyes of Sage Vasistha – in terms Spiritual standing! He says that even though Vipascit is “awakened, but his consciousness had not attained the supreme state”.
    please give reference to this statement.

    One out of 4 Vipascit did attain enlightenment. Thus your statement that Vipascit did not attain the supreme state is not subtaintiated.
    “The western Vipascit crossed 7 continents and 7 seas and had the good fortune to meet lord Vishnu. From him Vipascit received the highest wisdom, and remained immersed in samadhi for five years. After that he abandoned the physical body and attained nirvana.”[See reference 1]
    The context of Vashista’s explanation Vipascit about to Rama is explaining that how even with same mental conditions (vasana) how 4 Vipascit were drawn to 4 different directions and met 4 different results.
    2 were caught in the net of ignorance. One was liberated and the other became a deer.

    Getting liberated/enlightened attaining nirvana.

    So 1 out of 4 did get enlightened.
    So how do you say Vashista talks lowly of Vipascit?
    Where are your references.

    Don’t mastrubate your fantasy thoughts that you get from some sad-guru.
    Give references. May be your sad-guru wrote a book on it, quote it, page number, para number. Let us see and compare what it written in the original scriptures v/s whatever you wrote.

    Let us have a proper debate with proper references.

    See this book Vasistha’s Yoga by Swami Venkatesananda – 1993

    1. Desh Kapoor says

      You didnt read the book properly. It wasn’t me who said that Vipascit had not attained to the Supreme state – it was from Sage Vasistha. And that he calls Vipascit ignorant is also pretty clear on one reading. So at least get your reading right.

      1. Shashank Tulsyan says

        No Vasistha didn’t say that. Vasistha said that 1 out of 4 Vipascit got enlightened.
        You are the one who is saying, Vasistha said Vipascit was ignorant. The context of Vasistha telling the story of Vipascit to Ram is not what you are trying to project. You very well know you are lying and projecting things out of context.
        Please quote your sources like I did, don’t be a retard and utter nonsense.

  30. Shashank Tulsyan says

    Matsyendranth and Gorakhnath story is presented highly out of context.
    It is like saying because some disciple in some corner of the world, in some incidence used the power unethically, spiritual powers themselves are wrong.
    It is like saying, because there is a retard blogger (fan of sad-guru) and writes shitty articles, blogging should be stopped, blogging is bad, blogging stops your enlightenment … blah!blah!blah!blah!

    Understand, those powers by itself cannot be bad. A power is a power is a power. It’s usage, application will decide how you see it, what results you get, if it is aligned to your enlightenment etc. etc.
    The problem was in the mind, not in the power. The mind needed deeper understanding.
    If you think because he had powers that is why he didn’t have proper understanding is same as telling,
    because “Desh Kapoor” has a blog, that is why he has no brain.

    Well actually that makes sense you see. Now I understand how you can write such a retarded article. Because you actually believe in the logic. Because there are powers –> disciple is naive. Because there is a blog –> sad-guru disciple is a unenlightened retard.

    1. Desh Kapoor says

      Lame rant. Not worth responding.

      1. Shashank Tulsyan says

        Desh Kapoor yes indeed your whole article is a lame rant and so are you.
        I would like to slap you, but that would be animal abuse.

  31. Ashutoshananda Mhj says

    This post is completely useless, Paramahamsa Nithyananda does not introduce Siddhis, he initiates into Shakthis which are based on Devotion and Oneness with the Guru, in an age like the one we are in Devotion and the Oneness experience are the fastest way to Enlightenment.

    Shiva said in Siva Maha Purana:

    1.2.45 The Importance of Devotion in Kaliyuga
    Sati requested lord Shiva to enlighten her mind by giving discourses. Shiva revealed to her the importance of devotion in the Kaliyug. He said that the value of knowledge (gyan) and asceticism (vairagya) would diminish to the extent of extinction in the era of Kali and only devotion would help a man in attaining liberation.

    Signs of Kali Yuga :

    So next time before you decide to spend your time and energy to do something, please weigh your level of Ignorance and choose an other topic/activity, because we can clearly see that you are trying to talk about things that are way above your head.


  32. Shanti Devi says

    Hey dummy, why do you stick your dirty nose in other gurus? You have no clue of anything, no experiene, no life.
    Obviously your guru, sad guru, does not give you anything so you are not evolving even to the human level. That why you look upon Nithyananda, an Avtar. Intuitively you know WHO and WHAT is Nithyananda, but have no guts to ecperience it. Bundle of fear, ignorance and arrogance.
    We can forgive you because you are not able to grasp with your mental retardation.
    But do not believe that we will handel your abuses with polite words. We know how to fight stupidity like yours.

  33. Deeksha says

    Most stupid article on Siddhis I have ever read, what can you expect from a fat bellied NRI sitting in Atlanta commenting about spirituality in India. Pigs are better than you they stink from outside, but you stink from inside.

  34. Prema Poojitan Ananda says

    Paramahamsa Nithyananda is not only my personal guru, he is the best for humanity and planet earth!

  35. Jordana says

    You are an utter fool and purposely misrepresenting what Nithyananda spoke about with Rajiv Molhotra. They are shaktis, not siddhis – Nithyananda explains the difference in great detail. Your shallow, pseudo-intellectual mind is not able to comprehend the difference. Go back to journalism school!

  36. cherry nair says

    You fool, your lack of third eye powers amuses me! The fact that a 7 year old kid can read with a blindfold on is expression of pure supreme consciousness and not irresponsibility. It is like a by product you get with our Gurus initiation and the fact that we can read with a blind fold on is a sign of completion and not ignorace! Looks like you need to brush up your spiritual knowledge before becoming a claimed experienced author about spirituality and Hinduism.

  37. Vijay M says

    Learn to respect other gurus… Every guru is of different quality and caliber.. . What’s wrong if paramahamsa nithyananda gives to seekers bcoz it only is for enriching human kind … See how many people got enriched health wise n in other areas… It’s just that it’s unkwon to u … U can’t blame…. It’s only that mahadeva caliber can give clearly he gives difference between siddhis n shaktis … Does Abusing helps u for ur spiritual growth… That shows ur having jealousy deep inside that u didnt experienced under which ever guru u r following…

  38. Vijay M says

    Did u experience enlightenment or atleast experience for moment of time from any one … Only rare enlightened species have power to transmit in the very silence persons melt away…
    Only mahadeva adhi yogi caliber can express divine powers n reproduce it.

  39. Desh Kapoor says

    Here is my response to all you super aggressive, full of inferiority complex and lacking in any art or ways of debate or logic.

    1. Nithyananda was not abused. I said what I said about the characterization of a practice and why it was incorrect based on discussions by the best Spiritual beings.

    2. Many of you have shamefully abused Sadhguru without any provocation. Since you are so full of yourself and the abilities of your Guru – please do go and ask him what was he doing attending Sadhguru’s programs at Isha before he became the Swami that he is now. And more importantly, why was he chased out of the Isha Ashram. That would help you understand what you are talking about whom. I have said in my article that it was not about any other Guru – that is not how Spirituality was transmitted to me. But I will not keep quiet about a practice or characterization that is patently and obviously false.

    3. With explicitly low-life and sexually-loaded abuses that you have hurled at me and everyone near and dear to me, you have amply shown that the stories of Nithyananda being involved in sexual scandals may not after all be false. After all, the fruit doesn’t fall far away from the tree.

    4. And now for using the “powers” against me to “destroy” me. My Guru has already got that going. I am being destroyed and hopefully before I shed my body, I will be fully dissolved. So thanks but no thanks! Let your Guru work out his powers for himself and for those he calls his disciples.

    5. Finally, if you are really and honestly on the Spiritual path – then please do yourself a favor. Use your obvious passion, anger and intensity in your Sadhana. It will help you all. Tathastu.

    1. Moksha says

      With this reply, you have made it very clear – to anyone who can read through the crap – that the whole thing is a matter of jealousy rather than any merit. Thanks for clarifying. Good luck with your “spiritual” progress. When you reach a point where you can’t take the unnecessary suffering that has been inflicted on you in the name of spirituality, come back and read this thread.

  40. Nithya Vedaswaroopa Ananda says

    Dear Desh,
    There is a big difference between Siddhi and Shakti. Your Drishtikone is pointing wrong direction now.
    Have a ice cream cone and chill.

  41. Nithya Vedaswaroopa Ananda says

    Desh bête…mainoo lag ta hai teri drushti kam hote jara hi lag raha hai. Jake doctor ko dikha . Fikr mat kar beta sab theek ho jaayega.

    1. Desh Kapoor says


  42. Ma Niyama says

    Desh Kapoor,I choose to live in the world where along with the freedom of speech, the protection of my sentiments towards spirituality should also be protected and I should be given the space where the Shaktis and Incarnations should be left untouched by your type of perverts.

    Desh Kapoor to me you are a terrorist that is snatching away my potential of living with the possibility that Golden Era is here right now! It is a shame that criminals work like yours are orchestrated so widely in media and it is implanting the seedling of such thought currents in unfortunate people who has not even received a glimpse of a living incarnation.

    Desh Kapoor should be penalised for the crime he is committing as he is an infected wound that is going to stink up the brains of the new gen who has the right to atleast explore what the living master is decoding and give them freedom to choose.

    Desh Kappor has surely deranged the weak people who are like mast less boats being carried away by any tom dick and Harry and these are his fan following.

    Desh kapoor PLEASE do not associate your self with spirituality, you repulse me! First of all if Indians like you start scaling and putting bharat mata’s sons the living incarnations on auction for reaping into pieces to satiate your SO CALLED INTELLECTUAL MIND’ than I am strongly warning you, run for your life as Bharat Mata is a mother who knows how to protect her son and HER REAL SON Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami and his disciples knows how to de-root you!

    1. Desh Kapoor says

      Ma-whoever you are – please explain how your language and sentiments are ANY different from the Jehadis?!!! You are a shame to any spirituality. With this kind of mindset and sick language, I challenge you like the rest of your tribe to do what you want to do. If violence is what you are threatening me with, then be rest assured I will do my best to get you and your Ashram folks booked under Terrorism!!! SO, stop giving me such threats you weak idiots and do some Sadhana instead. As for SPirituality and your rights under that (as if Sadhana needs rights) go get a life. If my writing makes you weak or weakens your spirituality, then please drop it right away!!! It aint good enough and CERTAINLY isn’t Sanatan! Next time you write your nonsense and threaten me be rest assured, I will take you to justice! Critique is fine, threats are NOT!

  43. Venkataraman says

    All crooked minded pigs attacking the HINDU SAMRAAT PARAHAMSA NITHAYANDA SWAMIJI.

    1. Desh Kapoor says

      You are acting more like the people you say you don’t like. And just btw, there is no “Samraat” in Hinduism.. no one owns it and no one rules over it. There have been FAR.. FAR.. FAR greater beings who have walked this planet and have contributed to what is known today as Hinduism. So please stop insulting them!!

  44. Guru-G says

    They would rather follow the skewed ideations of Nithyananda than to understand the
    validity of genuine texts or genuine wisdom. I have yet to see Nithyananda speak about
    any subject from any point of knowledge.

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