Extra-Judicial Encounter of Indian Judiciary by Four Politically Compromised Judges!

When Indira Jaisingh, the highly ideological, politically prejudiced, self-anointed keeper of conscience and long term Congress worker, erupted in a rant against Amit Shah when the primacy of Judiciary’s freedom was the focus after the press conference by four Justices of the Indian Supreme Court, the game was out.  The four Justices – Justices Jasti Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan Lokur, and Kurian Joseph—four of the most senior judges after the Chief Justice of India – held a press conference where the precipitating matter was the case about Justice Loya’s death.

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Apparently, these four judges were extremely eager to have the Justice Loya case assigned to their court as opposed to that of Justice Arun Mishra.  When their extreme and urgent directive to the Chief Justice of India to give them the case which had been pumped up by the Congress-aligned media (Scroll and theWire) failed, these four judges decided to do an “extra-judicial encounter” of Chief Justice Deepak Mishra by holding a Press Conference and presenting a one-sided picture.  Not just that, the senior-most judge – Chelameswar – also eagerly met D. Raja, the rabidly anti-Modi and BJP Leftist leader right after the meeting.  This was despite the fact that CJI has by convention and law been held to be the “master of the rolls” and can decide which bench will handle which case!

In their sharply worded letter, Justice Chelameswar declared that CJI was not superior to these four Justices.

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“The convention of recognising the privilege of the CJI to form roster and assign cases to different members/benches of the SC is a convention devised for disciplined and efficient transaction of business of the court but not a recognition of any superior authority, legal or factual of the CJI over his colleagues. It is too well settled in the jurisprudence of this country that the CJI is only the first among equals – nothing more or nothing less.”

One among equals.  25 Supreme Court Justices.  All Equal!  And even the Chief of the Justices was NOT superior.  That was the contention of these four judges.

Yet, these same four judges had in their accusation stated a contradiction to their own assertion when they cribbed about the “matters of importance to the integrity of the judiciary and to the nation” were being assigned to Justice Arun Mishra who is 10th most senior judge but not to these who were #2, 3, 4, and 5!

Those who were busy calling for equality, were suddenly prescribing the wrong-doing by the CJI on the very basis of their own superiority to the other Justice!

CJI’s office retorted the same way to these four.

The CJI’s office used this quote and said if these most senior judges were equal to the so-called junior judges in the court, then “what is the grievance against a case getting listed before judge X or judge Y?”

Basically and primarily, these Justices – Jasti Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan Lokur, and Kurian Joseph –  were working for a political cause as Hit-men for Indian National Congress in a case that as ridiculous as it is made up on the basis of the fantasies of controversy theorists!  There is more chance of someone finding a Unicorn in Delhi, than finding actual truth in the claims of these theorists who are busy trying to turn a death by Cardiac Arrest of a high court judge at the wedding of a friend’s daughter!

Justice Loya’s Death: Fantastic Claims and Truth

The most rabid of the fake news sites who works on Congress hit jobs is thewire.  And these are the best four “proofs” that it has been able to come up with:

Mode of Transport for Justice Loya to get to the hospital: There are three “sources” of the story.  One, the Indian Express – which quotes the two other judges who were WITH Justice Loya said that one local judge Vijaykumar Barde took Justice Loya to the hospital in his car.  These were the eye witnesses!

According to Justice Shukre, Vijaykumar Barde, a local judge, drove Loya to Dande Hospital in his own car. Justice Gavai said there was another car too which accompanied them, which belonged to Rupesh Rathi, at the time the deputy registrar of the Nagpur bench of the high court.

Extra-Judicial Encounter- LoyaThere are two other purported “sources” brought out by these hit-men from press.  Caravan – led by Hartosh Singh Bal – cites the claim of Loya’s sister Anuradha Biyani, without discussing on what basis she could even claim that when she was not present there?

The last “source” is NDTV and their source is as slimy as their opinionated news is.  Their esteemed sources, friends, are – unnamed staff members of the guest house (where Justice Loya stayed) who spoke on the condition of anonymity!  Actually, I have also some unnamed sources who spoke on condition of anonymity that Rahul Gandhi was also there and he stood in front of the car and did not allow the car with Loya to move.  That is how brilliantly ridiculously stupid the reporting on Justice Loya’s case is!!

ECG vs No ECG: Caravan report by Hartosh Singh Bal claimed that no ECG was done on Justice Loya in the hospital he was taken to.  However, Indian Express report shows the ECG.  Now, theWire’s one and ONLY argument is that the date on the ECG is wrong.  In a country where hospitals have outdated, poorly kept and badly maintained equipment, this is the only “circumstantial evidence” that these Congress hit-men have come up with!  The hospital administrator laid out the issue of equipment glitch as well.

“The date November 30 appearing on the ECG may have been due to a technical glitch arising out of a machine calibration issue. We recalibrate our machines every three months or so to prevent such glitches. But sometimes the glitch may occur in the intervening period. We stand by the fact that the ECG was taken at our hospital on December 1.”

Forget the date, even the readings on ECGs – even in the best of world’s hospitals can be erroneous!  And, these Congress hit-men journos are basing their entire story on such sketchy claims!

Declaration of death at Meditrina Hospital: This point is as amorphous as it gets.  The fake news experts at theWire are debating on whether Loya was dead on arrival or he died later since Justices Shukre and Gavai who arrived later said that doctors were trying to revive him in ICU.  “Dead or not” is their issue.  Really?  Even when someone is clinically dead, the doctors at a good hospital may try to revive the patient – specially when he is so important – by trying everything they can! In fact, doctors at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne use a combination of resuscitation techniques to revive “dead patients” who were officially dead for 40-60 minutes!  A hospital which would not even try this on their patients of high importance is totally useless!

The other claims by this tabloid rag are as ridiculous or even more, which at best point out to just one thing – sloppy ways of many who were there.  But to claim that it was a “murder” is quite far fetched for a man who had had a terrible cardiac arrest but en route had retrosternal chest pain and had collapsed!

Family saw no foul play

Justice Loya’s family saw no foul play and even sent a letter to the Bombay High Court.

The son of the late judge Brijmohan Loya called on Bombay high court chief justice Manjula Chellur on Tuesday to convey that the family had no complaints or suspicions about the circumstances of his father’s death. The meeting came on a day Bombay high court Justice Bhushan Gavai told TOI that there was no foul play in Loya’s death in the early hours of December 1, 2014.

The judge had died during a trip to Nagpur to attend the wedding of a fellow judge’s daughter. “We have full faith in the members of the judiciary who were with him on the night of November 30,” his son Anuj said in a letter handed over to the chief justice.

He also said the family had no doubts about the integrity of investigative agencies. Anuj told the chief justice that the family was certain that his father had died of a heart attack.

Friends who were judges and family – have all stated unequivocally that the death of Justice Loya was natural and without foul play.  But the Hit-men Journalists and Justices will have nothing of it.  For them, this fantastic and utterly outlandish fiction carved into a “case” was important enough to create a crisis in the Indian judiciary and bring it down.

Update:  The family has now specifically come out in public to denounce the politicization of Justice Loya’s death and to say that the death was natural and nothing was fishy.  They have expressed anguish and dismay at what the parties like Congress and Left have been doing through their stooges like Indira Jaisingh and Dushant Dave!

CBI judge B H Loya’s family on Sunday said that they did not want to be victims of politicization and urged all parties to refrain from taking advantage of the situation.

“Our family is pained with the chain of events in past few days. Please don’t harass us,” justice Loya‘s son Anuj said at a specially convened press conference.

“We have no suspicion over father’s death; I had suspicions earlier but now it is over,” Anuj clarified when asked about reports that members of Loya’s family had doubts about the circumstances surrounding his death.

It is important to see how a mountain is being created out of a molehill and the four judges were going to be used to create a case against BJP when there was none!  Worse still these four judges were going to be willing participants in that entire plot!!

Loya case

Justice Loya Case – Outlandishly fantastic piece of fiction based on imbecile precept

Let us be honest – at best, all these claims by the Congress Hit-men passing off as journalists, are circumstantial.  There is no direct proof whatsoever that someone killed Justice Loya.  You know why?  Because he died of Cardiac Arrest!  And, there are two things about that kind of death:

  1. You cannot create the Heart Attack without a person’s knowledge and a level of sophistication of CIA
  2. You cannot predict a Heart Attack

The entire fantastic theory resting on circumstantial “proofs” for claiming someone murdered Justice Loya rests on ONLY ONE central idea.

The people/person who “committed murder” of Justice Loya knew EXACTLY WHEN Justice Loya will have a heart attack – so they/he could coordinate and fix everything – from cars to doctors to hospitals to even the ECG machines.

I have read some outlandish controversy theories by some crazies, but this one is by far the craziest!  Because using these claims and the extreme need to predict the unpredictable the ONLY person who could have committed murder would actually be God himself!

THAT is the kind of controversy fantasies that are being dished out by Hit-men Journos, that these four Hit-men Judges wanted to take onto their own benches to turn into reality.  And, fortunately for the good of justice in India, Chief Justice Deepak Mishra saw through the unusual interest and extreme way of how compromised these four judges were to even try this case.

Quite honestly, had these judges appeared for Jury duty to sit on this case in the US – given their backgrounds and prejudices – they would have been rejected from being on the jury itself!

After the D. Raja- Chelameswar meeting yesterday, at least now these Justices stand exposed as prejudiced, compromised and politically interested parties motivated to carry out hit-jobs for their political masters.

They now have zero credibility and integrity to try any case sans personal and ideological motives.  They are not just not impartial, as any judge (or non-legal jury member should be!) but are working clearly at the behest of some political forces!

Not only they cannot be believed in anymore, they should be tried for impeachment and discharged from the Supreme Court justices completely!

These Justices have committed the biggest murder of Indian Judiciary in connivance with diabolical political forces in and outside India.  They have committed an Extra-Judicial Killing of the Indian Judiciary!

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  1. Kamlesh Kapur says

    Very well organized details of a heinous event to break the most vital limb of the government. The four honorables appear naked to the public. Would any one like his/her case go to such judges? They have tarnished the image of the judiciary as well as their own credibility and impartiality. They should either resign or be removed from their posts. Media is having a field day dishing out opinions in shrill voices and interrupting each other that I could not make out any thing of various debates and panel discussions held in the media. Please circulate it among Indians living in India (often known as resident non-Indians).

    1. Drishtikone says

      Kamleshji – very well said! Am promoting it.. please share it as well 🙂 I completely agree with your view.

  2. dev lukum says

    All judges are equal Then why they object for certain case to be assigned to them. CJI is equally right when few judges are very eager to have certain case assign to them For impartial juidicial proceeding such eagerness is almost nagative point for assigning case to them For Judge of Supreme Court of India this matter is very small adminstrative matter and coming out openly is shameful to them They should resign otherwisw CJI should not assign any case to them for independence and crditability of juidiciary

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