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Stepping into Non-Dual Quantum World Via the Dual Existence


Today, I had a discussion with a friend in the temple. He believe that Vedic philosophy believes in the trinity of God, Being and Nature, while "Vedantic" believes in everything being one. And he was not being able to reconcile between the two. What he thinks is trinity ... is what has been called time and again as Maya... and what he thinks is "Vedantic" non-dualism .. is the final stage of a human perception and knowledge. If I were to take his definitions as the basis.. then "Vedic" will be "Vedantic" when it gets spiritually evolved! As simple as that. Dualism - difference between observer and observed - will be gone.. when the observer ceases to be and be one with the God.

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Can a Prosperous Society Promote Well-being of its Citizens?

Happiness and Well-being

This decidedly is technologically the most advanced generation ever on this planet in many ways.  Science, material science at least, has reached amazing peaks.  Ordinary men and women now can do what many powerful kings could never dream of. Despite all this progress, however, have we been able to achieve …

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9 Truths on Fate and Destiny that Lord Ram’s Guru Taught Him


Some interesting nuggets from Vasishtha's Yoga:- IN this world whatever is gained.. is gained only by self effort; where failure is encountered its is seen there has been slackness in the effort. This is obvious; but what is called fate is fictitious and not seen.- Self - effort is of two categories: that of the past births and that of this birth. The latter effectively counteracts the former. Fate is none other than self-effort of a past incarnation. There is constant conflict between these two in this incarnation; and that which is more powerful triumphs.- There is no power greater than right action in the present. Hence, one should take recourse to self -effort, grinding one's teeth, and one should overcome evil by good and fate by present effort.

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Welcome to the Banana Republic of America!

Donald Trump

As the morning of November 9th 2016 dawns on the US, the election results show that Hillary Clinton has won 375 electoral votes while Donald Trump has won only 125.  This is a moment of reckoning – as strange it may seem – for the US.  The rout of Trump …

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