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Complete Truth on Kashmir’s Plebiscite and the UN Resolutions

Kashmir Plebiscite Pakistan

A lot is said by the Pakistanis on Plebiscite in Kashmir.  Taking the cue from their baseless and ill-informed propaganda, many Indians also feel that plebiscite is a genuine logical next step.  None of them have read the UN Resolutions of course and processed them.  It is therefore extremely important …

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Why Does Khajuraho Temple Have Sexually Explicit Carvings?

Khajuraho Temple Sculptures

Mandana Misra was a householder spiritual Guru of his time who was a student of mimamsa scholar Kumarila Bhatta.  He would perform all the rituals of the Vedas and followed the methods detailed in the Vedas.  When Adi Shankara went about the country promoting Spiritual way of life, he came …

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