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After Sexually mutilating and killing Guests, Mumbai Terrorist performed Namaaz before own death!

One of the reasons why I really seriously want PUNITIVE action against the Islamist terror minds in Pakistan – which includes the people in Pak Army and ISI – is because of not just that they are creating havoc for people who do not want to have anything to do with war or violence but because they are SICK and PERVERSE and downright ANIMALS!

Remember Lt. Saurabh Kalia and his jawans? This is how they were tortured when that party had gone to check out the incursions in Kargil (before the fight) and were captured [1]:

eyes and eardrums were pierced, the private organs cut, his chest burned, no eyes, no jaws, and there were cigarette burns all over his body.

The very same animal in these guys also ended up sexually humiliating the victims in Mumbai. During the Mumbai attacks, the terrorists had their foreign victims stripped (white skin is still reverred in the perverse mind-sets of these Islamic Jehadis) and sexually humiliated. In photographs released by the police forensic team taken after the hotel was sanitized show some guests (foreign guests) in nude.

The Rabbi and his pregnant wife in Nariman House were sexually assualted and their genitalia were mutilated (reminscent of Late Lt. Saurabh Kalia).[3]

I am sure the great “analysts” of the Pakistani and Islamic media will explain this as yet another “propaganda” and THAT is what makes me not only mad but simply have pity on such idiots.

First, it is ASSAULTING to me that someone would suggest that the blame for a victims humiliation and perverse treatment is brought by him as a “strategy”! To suggest that India and Israel would trigger this nonsense is a major assault to my intelligence and sensitivity! It is as if except for Pakistanis every one else has an agenda and are perverse… only these Islamic minded Jehadis are “Doodh ke Dhule” (pure as milk)!

Second, Islamic Jehadis and those specifically in Pakistan need no help in being given a bad publicity. That they are morons and animals is known to all. They themselves live in this wonderland, where some day their perverse laws and mindsets will be allowed to rule to world and that is why they are right!

Aag Lagao

Now, the records of VoIP calls from LeT bosses (Zarar Shah, Abu Hamza, and Abu Qafa) to the terrorists reveal a remorseless and clear planning for mayhem and killing and how all this was clearly choreographed in Pakistan!

Talking in rustic Punjabi, they were egging on the commandos to lob grenades at the advancing commandos and move to positions from where they could take better shots. They were repeatedly exhorted to start fires.[2]

The instructions for the terrorists in Nariman House were clear – to kill the Israelis and spare the Muslims. The people giving instructions from Pakistan was happy that the terrorist was using some English words in his interview with the media.

When one of the terrorists was hurt, the instruction came that “”Aakhiri waqt aa gaya hai, namaaz ada karo”. Piety in face of barbarism? Shame on such people and even bigger SHAME on the entire Islamic community which instead of looking deeply inside and doing an HONEST and serious introspection is always busy in arguing with the world on how others love to become their own victims.

Reference Links:

1. Torturing of Soldiers by Islamic Jehadis!
2. Aag lagao: LeT to Mumbai killers
3. Photographs Released By The Mumbai Police

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