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Blogging is my hobby, not my profession. I have worked with different platforms for blogging – Blogger, LiveJournal, MovableType, Mambo and now Drupal. The last two are really Content Management Systems (CMSs). Now, I would like to share my experience by helping others get online.

If you need a site like this one using Drupal as the platform with the following features, please contact me:

– Blogging
– Multiple Users Registration (Auto or with Approval)
– Sharing of Articles, or any other content.
– Different Users Groups
– RSS feeds aggregator
– Users with their own contact directories
– Private Messaging amongst the users
– Daily Random quotes or any other content
– Book Reviews
– Recipes Sharing
– Currency Conversion tool
– Gmail-style Invites for users to send out
– Each user has a Stock Monitoring page.
– Users can choose their own theme amongst over a dozen.

All this comes with hosting – where you get a space of 5 GB and Bandwidth of 1 GB.

The price for all this?

Set up is USD150
And Annual payment is USD120

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