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Campaign to stop Rape Rapper Honey Singh from performing in Gurgaon at New Year’s concert

Honey Singh is a Punjabi rapper  from Hoshiarpur, who is going to perform at the Bristol Hotel in Gurgaon.  A section of the society has started a campaign to ban this guy from performing in Delhi.  Actually he should be banned from performing anywhere in India.  He openly sings songs with “Rape themes” containing lyrics which are misogynistic and demeaning.

He is known as the Rape Rapper.

He has belted out songs like Main Hoon Balaatkari  and Ch** – punjabi word for female genitalia rhyming with root.  The lyrics are horrendously mind-numbing and it is anyone’s guess as to what it teaches the Punjabi youth – hardly known for sensitivity – to do with women!  You can check them below.

What beats me is the insensitivity of the Bristol Hotel itself.  How can they bring this idiot at THIS time for a celebration?  Specially when every person is trying to look at life and the world in a bit more sober way.  So many are cutting down on New Year’s celebrations.

Here is the Petition.  Please sign.


The lyrics of the song C***:
Aja teri ch*** maroon
Tere sir se chu**** ka bhoot utaroon
Cho**** key baad tujhe jutey maroon
Tere mooh main apna l*** dey key mo*** maroon

The literal translation of the song roughly comes to this:
Come, I’ll f*** you,
Exorcise you of the ghost of getting f*****,
After f****** you, I’ll hit you with a shoe,
I’d put my d*** in your mouth, and then p*** on you





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