Is the Party Over for Indian IT Companies?

Information Technology

Indian IT revolution has been the driving force for the Indian economy for last 25 years.  Companies like Infosys, TCS, WIPRO, HCL etc have become really large given the outsourcing of skills and work to India and Indians. In all this H1B visas were the driving force.  All these companies …

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What will be the Global GDP Distribution in 2030

Global Economy

The Global GDP is changing as we move forward.  China which started behind India in 1970s and because of the opening up of its economy overtook India and grew at incredible double digit rates to become the second largest economy in the worl, will continue its march forward.  So will …

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E-Governance and Modi Government’s Ambitious “Digital India” Program

Digital India -1

E-governance has often defined as the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for delivering government services, exchange of information communication transactions, integration of various stand-alone systems and services from the Government to its customers, businesses, other governments, and also management of the entire back office processe and interactions within …

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Is Infosys on the Acquisition block?

Infosys on Acquisition Block

Economic Times suggests in an article that Infosys is a very attractive acquisition target right now.  Look at some of the facts: Infosys has Cash and cash equivalents (Rs 22,000 crore) equal to 17% of the company’s total market capitalisation of over Rs 1,34,000 crore – compared to TCS’ ratio (Cash/Market Cap) …

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Create More Value than you Capture: Tim O’Reilly’s lessons for Start-ups

Tim O’Reilly is someone who identifies trends early and has been at the forefront of the internet revolution.   He is the founder of O’Reilly Media (formerly O’Reilly & Associates) and a supporter of the free software and open source movements.   Here he discusses some great lessons for startups. Sharing inspirations from both innovative companies and works …

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Half of Instagram’s 100 mn users now use Android!

The power of Android phones vs iPhones (and others) is visible from how Android powered phones have made Instagram so pervasive.  Instagram recently said in its blog post that half of all the Instagram’s 100 mn users are using Android. One year ago today we launched Instagram for Android. In less …

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Is a Healthy Economy based on a Happy Country?

Is it important to have high economic numbers like GDP etc, or have people who are really happy.  Here is an interesting discussion on the happiness index and measures. How do we measure the health of the economy by how happy we are? Several national leaders and economists are increasingly …

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Rise of Social Media Use in India

India’s internet use is undergoing a change as the Smartphone revolution takes over.  Every urban youth is using a smartphone today and with it is coming the access to the social media.  This infographic discusses the various aspects of the use of Social media in India.

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Startup Tips from Dave Zilberman, partner @ Comcast Ventures

A very interesting discussion with David Zilberman, a venture capital guy – partner at Comcast Ventures.  He discusses the tips for startups David Zilberman is a partner at Comcast Ventures, the venture arm of Comcast, the media giant and parent company of NBC Universal. He joined Comcast Ventures in 2006, …

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