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Whiskey: Its history and current industry

Whiskey has had a love-hate relationship with mankind.  It has been the big thing in the liquor industry for a long time.  However, it has been on a decline for last 3-4 decades.  Now it seems to be making a comeback in the market.  Tom Ashbrook of OnPoint Radio brings …

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McDonalds India to pay Rs 15,000 for delivering the wrong burger

Companies can no longer take the Indian customers for granted.  They cannot just treat them easily.  Here is an interesting case where McDonalds in India delivered a non-vegetarian burger to a customer even though she had ordered vegetarian.  She was awarded Rs 15,000 for the negligence. Fast food giant McDonald’s …

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Beef Burgers in Britain and Ireland contained Horse meat

The Brits are in a bit of trouble.  Their Beef burger patties had Horsemeat in it as well. Many of Britain’s biggest retailers were forced to pull products from their shelves yesterday as their suppliers were found to be selling beefburgers laced with horse meat.  Tesco’s were found to contain …

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Science of making the Perfect Pancake

I love making pancakes, specially for the kids.  Of course, I don’t make it quite as well as this expert would or even approve of.  So, its nice to listen to the art of making a perfect pancake.     Related articles from External Sources Banana-Split Pancakes | Babble Sweet …

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Barack Obama: I am great at cooking Keema Curry!

Vikas Khanna is an Indian chef, restaurateur, food writer, filmmaker, humanitarian and the host of the TV Show MasterChef India.  He has been in the People’s list of “Sexiest Man Alive” as well as been called the Hottest Chef in the world! In a dinner ceremony last year, he happened …

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Cadbury’s makes chocolate that doesn’t melt!

Non-melting chocolates are here.  Cadbury’s has come out with a chocolate that doesn’t melt! New ‘temperature-tolerant chocolates’ that don’t melt even at 40 degree Celsius have been developed by confectionery giant Cadbury, which will soon be available in hot-weather countries like India.  Scientists at Cadbury’s research and development plant in Bourneville, in the UK said the new chocolate bars stay …

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Getting my Chai right!

Yesterday at Houston's Bush airport (near gate E-1) I went to 'Peet's Coffee" and asked for Masala Chai. I thought that instead of the regular Starbucks chai, let me try the chai from this chain.

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YEAR 1,222 today’s date. Place: your city or town of your choice.The main purpose of this simple exercise is to really appreciate all our current everyday blessings.Please try to see, listen to, smell and touch in your imagination the following:1.-One very famous person.2.-Two common means of transportation.3.-Three common melodies.4.-Four common fragrances.5.-Five different kinds of fruit.6.- Six coins.7.-Seven temples or churches.8.-Eight books.9.-Nine streets.10.- Ten houses.

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The Economic Pendulum Shifts Eastwards

Look at how things change. roughly 400 years back the British first put a foot on the Indian soil. By 1900, they were clearly in charge of the country. Then in 1947 they left bruised by the WWII and could no longer handle the already bankrupted colony. Then it was to be a long period - our lifetimes - of poverty and just looking up to the colonial masters.But things change, they say. And they are. There are clear indications that the power is shifting Eastwards again! The signs are there and as the power shifts, the British are again looking at being in the vantage position. So want to shift their diplomats to move more to Asia. This may be a euphemism for more interference potential. The power struggle is a covert thing. Its nature is in shift.This shift in history that we are all witnessing is very unique. It is not happening on the back of a military take-over but on the basis of hard work under the worst of conditions. Look at the workers in Chinese factories. They work for hours on end without much on their back or stomach. Look at the many kids in India who work hard, without much help, to be better educated so they could compete. Small kids from small towns work hard against all odds, so they can compete with an American brought up in all privileges. It is not easy for those in Asia to compete. But compete they must.A new study from PricewaterhouseCoopers says that India's economy would grow to 90 per cent of the United States by 2050, with China being the biggest. Growth rate wise, the Chinese growth rate would fall to 4.5% in 2050 from 6.8% in 2007, while India's will fall to 5.8% in 2050 from the current 8.5%.The latest billionaires list shows those signs already. This year India had four out of top 10 billionaires (#4, 5, 6, & 8) in the world. Many others are knocking on the doors. That is a big jump for any new-kid-on-the-block country! Strangely, China doesnt see so many private achievers in the top slot. My argument obviously is that this is because of its Government-led enterprise as opposed to private initiative.We may not be when the new world comes through in Asia, but it will. The pendulum has started its eastwards journey.

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