How can the Africans and Blacks Succeed?
In Anthony Bourdain’s Lagos related program, there was a discussion with a local TV anchor – someone who also anchors the Presidential debates there.  She made a stunning comment that hit me hard.  She said – and I am paraphrasing – Blacks in Africa and the African-Americans in the... Read more
One of Nigeria’s top actress has recently announced that she has converted from Christianity to Hinduism.  Something that Julia Roberts announced a year or so ago.  Here is her interview where she discusses the reason. Did you become an Hindu when you travelled to India or while you were... Read more
Gravity Light: A generator powered by weight of gravity, which has been built for the developing and poor countries.  It does not use any battery nor any expensive stuff.  It would cost the people $5 to buy and there is no running cost.  It comes with a durable bag,... Read more
In a country of chronic shortage, Nigerian school girls have come up with an idea to harness the Urine to power a generator.  It may not be commercial viable or useful, but it is still intriguing 🙂 Read more
India is situation is interesting and plight incomparable.  Here are three stats that portray India’s dichotomy: Three Indian states – Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal –  have a combined population of 421 million of “poor” people using the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), which measures a range of “deprivations” at household... Read more
Most people are not satisfied with where they are. They would like to move out of their present countries to “greener pastures”. It seems of all the destinations in the world, US of A is the most desired. 150 million of the world’s adults would like to move to... Read more

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