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IIT Student from Reserved Category Commits Suicide!

A student at IIT Bombay in Powai killed himself by hanging! Why? He couldn't cope with the study load and the exams there at the IIT. Fact: He was a student who got in through the reserved seats category. He was an average student who happened to be at IIT due to his caste as opposed to his merit!His suicide note:

I feel I could not make it because of the backlog of exams that I need to clear. But I want to thank all my professors who helped me immensely and I am sorry for causing all these things.

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Perils of Immigrants' Value Imposition

Inconveniencing the public because of your own religious beliefs can be very annoying.. here is an example of one such incident on how the Muslims want to push their religious beliefs wherever they are.. even to the extent that they would not take passengers who bought liquor from duty-free in their cabs!! That is extreme.. but then this is America!

But it is in that quintessential nation of immigrants, the United States, that the debate over Muslim separatism will resound most loudly. I don't know if the incident was covered in Indian newspapers but a minor issue at the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport became a darling of conservative talk-shows in the United States.

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The Dilemma of being a Black Entrepreneur!

This is an interesting story of how Black Entrepreneurs are so conscious of their image and their race when they deal because they assume that there will be discrimination! Yes, there is a perception gap and I feel part of that has to do with the media and partly with the Black community itself!Yes, America has racism.. but those who crib about its racism have not gone to Europe or Australia where racism takes a whole different dimension! US is as good as it gets to tolerance on race as it can possibly come in the Western world.

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Are Muslims at War with the Indian State?

Read these statements - who do you think is saying these? Here this guy is asking why the Muslim leaders and the celebrities did not come out to condemn the Jehadi Islam and also collect moneys for the displaced Kashmiri Hindus? Who is this guy?

The biggest one was the recent one -- July 11. I was extremely perturbed because (despite) whatever I had been told by the so-called leaders, those leaders have not come out against these bomb blasts, or the carnage of tourists in Srinagar. They have not come out in support of the Kashmiri Pandits living in refugee camps.

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The Familiar Pattern of Islamic Violence and Timid Voices Announcing a "Peaceful Islam"!

The script is so similar and repeatable that it is sickening after a while. There are a bunch of people who proud to be Muslims and follow Islamic preachings and feel it is kosher to kill and maim anyone they can. They move around in a clandestine manner using people - often co-religionists and plan their goals. The normal population goes around in a normal and careless manner and suddenly the bombs go off. Everything is finished!

For the person who dies, his family will never see her back! The very next morning, there is a huge reaction.

The Muslim world - mostly peaceful human beings - come out saying the same things that follow these three main points:

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Her Land is More than the Soil she Treads on!

For a Yanomani, her land is much more than the soil she treads.


An ad from Survival.  Survival is the only international organisation supporting tribal peoples worldwide. It was founded in 1969 after an article by Norman Lewis in the UK's Sunday Times highlighted the massacres, land thefts and genocide taking place in Brazilian Amazonia. Like many modern atrocities, the racist oppression of Brazil's Indians took place in the name of 'economic growth'.   Survival has supporters in 82 countries. It works for tribal peoples' rights in three complementary ways: education, advocacy and campaigns. They also offer tribal people themselves a platform to address the world. They work closely with local indigenous organisations, and focus on tribal peoples who have the most to lose, usually those most recently in contact with the outside world.  for more

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Train from Beijing to Tibet: So high that Pens and Foodpackets Burst Open!

An Engineering Miracle from the Chinese Govt.  Although it is an attempt at usurping the Tibetan land by the Chinese Govt., but it is upto the Tibetans as to how they would like to use this.  Sometimes it is better to just use the opportunities one has gotten to move ahead in life.  Utilizing the methods to prosper that can be available within China could benefit Tibetans too... in turn it can also destroy their culture and heritage because China is not known to be particularly kind to a spirituality based culture in any case!

China's new train from Beijing to Tibet arrived in the ancient capital of Lhasa Monday, ending its maiden journey after climbing to elevations so high that ballpoint pens and packaged foods burst.

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How Derivative Perceptions Affect our Success

"We need to be treated as special kids in special schools" Shonya (name changed) said to the Cultural Diversity Manager. The Cultural Diversity Group (CDG) had been set in this Big Four Consulting firm and the Manager was in Texas to kickstart one chapter here. We had come together from different backgrounds - Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Indian Americans and Indians, as well as African Americans. Shonya, was an African American Consulting professional with an MBA from a top 15 MBA school in the US.At that point the rest of us shrugged and looked at each other. Finally, one of us said that we did not want that kind of "treatment". We were just as normal as others were. Needless to say that the CDG chapter in Texas did not go very far.

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Eternal Poverty @ the Cost of Reservations!!

What is of significance is that as stated in Karan Thappar's interview

For example, a study done by the IITs themselves shows that 50 per cent of the IIT seats for the SCs and STs remain vacant, and for the remaining 50 per cent, 25 per cent are the candidates who even after six years fail to get their degrees. So, clearly, in their case, reservations are not working.
...... that most of the seats that were reserved had gone un-used by the SC and STs - which does follow reason because instead of providing RESOURCES and TOOLS that can help develop the lower castes - the politicians give them short-sighted freebies that look more palatable but less useful!!

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(Reservation Debate) Reverse Racism is NOT a cure for Racism!

One alumni of my alma mater where I did my Masters wrote this on reservation:

There is lot of hogwash about reservations in cricket (the great Indian upper caste time pass). Let me tell my friends, it is not a laughing matter. In South Africa and again in Zimbabwe, we have seen sort of reservations in cricket. And look it has produced a Makhaya Ntini! Caste system is as horrible as apartheid, if not worse.Reservation debate in India runs along strictly caste lines. So I can understand the IRMAN class remaining unconvinced about the need for reservations. It comprised of primarily upper caste students. When it comes to the issue of caste, the best progressives like Murthy and Premzi shed their clothes and reveal themselves in their full upper caste reactionalry glory.

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Tea-stall owner's son an IAS topper

In this day and age of clamour for reservations and high fees that the educational institutes charge to keep the poor out - here is a smart young kid with some confidence who has made to the top of the Civil Services Exam in India - arguably the toughest test of the brightest in the land!A story worth reading!!

Babaji Sahoo's ramshackle teastall in a non-descript village of Orissa's Jagatsinghpur district has suddenly become the focus of the entire neighbourhood.Sahoo's son Manoj has done the entire area proud by finishing 34th in the Civil Services examination this year.

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Reservations for POK Kids in IITs/IIMs??

Now it is the turn of the POK kids to seek reservations in IIMs and IITs.. and somewhere the news byte says that the effort to open up higher learning institutes for POK folks has Indian Government approval - wonder if that means even looking at this reservation issue too??And since we are at it anyways.. .shall we reserve some percent seats for the rest of the Pakistanis too.. some for Africans who have endured slavery and tribal wars... Blacks of the US.. Aboriginies of New Zealand and Australia....

Dil Jala hai to Zaalim; Zara Ghar bhi Jala kar Dikha. Duniya ko kuchh to pata chale;

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Facts? Hmm.. Decision is Final! Arjun-the-joker-Singh Grilled!

As Nandi has pointed out this issue of reservations is inherently a facetious one that these idiotic politicians have paraded all over the place. Karan Thapar - probably THE only interviewer worth anything - confronted the Minister for Human Resource Development - the Devil behind opening up of the Pandora's box this time on reservations! It is clear that ONE, he has no idea of facts and truth; and TWO, he is in MASSIVE denial!This interview is WORTH A READ!!Karan Thapar: Hello and welcome to the Devil's Advocate. As the debate over the reservations for the OBCs divides the country, we ask: What are the government's real intentions? That is the critical questions that I shall put today in an exclusive interview to the Minister for Human Resource Development Arjun Singh.Karan Thapar:Most of the people would accept that steps are necessary to help the OBCs gain greater access to higher education. The real question is: Why do you believe that reservations is the best way of doing this?Arjun Singh: I wouldn't like to say much more on this because these are decisions that are taken not by individuals alone. And in this case, the entire Parliament of this country - almost with rare unanimity - has decided to take this decision.Karan Thapar: Except that Parliament is not infallible. In the Emergency, when it amended the Constitution, it was clearly wrong, it had to reverse its own amendments. So, the question arises: Why does Parliament believe that the reservation is the right way of helping the OBCs?Arjun Singh: Nobody is infallible. But Parliament is Supreme and at least I, as a Member of Parliament, cannot but accept the supremacy of Parliament.

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Petition Against Reservation in India

The Government of India is now adamant on increasing the reservation for SC/ST/OBC to 49.5% in top educational institutes. This leaves very little seats for the talented General Class students, who are already struggling....I got a message from a friend to help Youth Forum for Justice against this by signing their petition. They want me and you to sign their petition against reservation and tell your friends to do the same.They further say "As the petition reaches 1,00,000 count, we will be sending it toThe Hon'ble President of India."Sign Petition here.

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Portents of another Bloodshed?

Are these the beginnings of another bloodshed in Gujarat?

A 32-year-old man was burnt alive by a crowd of 1500 in Vadodara early on Wednesday morning.According to eyewitnesses, the victim was chased by a crowd and burnt alive when he was passing through Ajwa Road's Mahavir hall crossing.The man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced 'dead on arrival'.Sources report that crowds have been gathering across the city through the night. The fact that Vadodara is rife with rumours makes the work of the police very difficult in such tense times.Vadodara is rife with rumours making the work of the police difficult. The city has been tense since the demolition of a dargah and the death of two person in consequent violence.

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No Immigrant Day, Blackberry and Trendy Jobs!

So yesterday's protests in the US by predominantly Hispanic immigrants was a big success where almost 1 million folks joined in! Even Larry King had this as the main topic in his last night's program. Lou Dobbs was there and arguing at the lack of this Government's efforts at stopping the illegal entries.. four and a half years after 9-11 - which I thought was fair! Tonight Anderson 360 will show the border problem as it unfolds - will be interesting I suppose!Another new thing looming on the horizon in the US - the Hurricane season as it is just 30 days away.... and here the Senators and Congress folks are arguing to dissolve FEMA.. while its employees are exiting the organization. So is the country any better equipped to tackle the new season as compared to last year? Many top level positions are still not filled up.. even the top ones at the Director level!

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A Hard Working Iranian and Anti-Illegal Immigration Boycotts.

The morning started early 3 am - got ready and while I was checking my mail waiting for the car service driver ... I overshot the time of 4 am as my laptop time was a little off from the main. Last time, the owner of the car service company had sent a new guy - his old friend who had joined him as an employee. This dimunitive balding elderly gentleman is an Iranian - from North Iran - whose family hails from Azherbaijan. He stills has some family there. So, he can speak at least two languages fluently - Turkish and Persian (Farsi). He is an interesting character. Since he is new to the business he is diligent and is always trying to outdo himself. Doublechecks everything and makes sure every small thing is taken of. And in that extra effort seems fairly nervous at times. But he is a good presence to be with.

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Indian workers' Dubai dream turns sour!!

Dubai used to be a destination of choice of the Indian immigrants leaving Indian shores.. but the dream seems to be turning sour there! Normally speaking Indians are non-confrontational... so for them to go on rampage and be violent means they had had endured quite a bit!!

Nearly 2,000 workers, mostly Indians, involved in the construction of over 100 high-rise buildings in Dubai, stopped work and went on a rampage demanding better wages and working conditions. The workers damaged eight cars and two buses, destroyed official documents and also pelted stones at office buildings besides beating up a site engineer last evening, a media report said. This is the second incident of Indian workers going on a rampage in less than a month.

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Hindu Temple in Minnesota Vandalized

Is US going in the right direction? With so many religious overtones to every aspect of life and governance - we see that people are becoming less tolerant of others. It may be possible that the vandals thought this temple was probably related to the Muslims - which would be indeed sad! Or the vandals were just jealous that a minority community could spend $9 million in that city JUST on a temple! Whatever the reason.. this is something that needs to be addressed here on a long term basis!!

A multi-million dollar temple under construction in mid-west Minnesota was vandalised on April 5 damaging large number of Hindu deities, which were specially imported from India.

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Debate on the Reservations in the IIMs

Good the debate on the mindless reservation has started in India - specially in case of the IIMs! I had an post earlier during the week on this one!

The proposed reservation of 27% seats has brought about a cloud of apprehension over institutes of higher education. At IIM-Ahmedabad, students wonder — will it drastically cut down seats for general category? Will academic standards fall?

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Shaking with a Sheikh!

Here is an article by a convert to Islam named Yvonne Ridley about her refusal to Shake hands with a Sheikh (Sheikh Tantawi) .. .. hmm.. if you dont Shake hands with Sheikh - what do you do with him? Shake is written all over him!!

I have a flaw in my character and it gets me into serious trouble. It is something that has dogged me all of my life and causes no amount of consternation in some circles. Some people would say I am simply bad mannered or ill bred while others mightsay I'm too honest for my own good.

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Afghan Clerics: West should mind its own business. Come again?

The author of this article on German site Spiegel.de asks this question below - is this an important one or a rhetorical one?

A few caricatures in a Danish newspaper caused bloody riots in the Muslim world. But now an Afghan man has been sentenced to death for converting to Christianity. Afghanistan has told the West it should mind its own business. Come again?
And then he goes on the context of the death sentence of the Afghan man who converted from Islam to Christianity.

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50% of IIT/IIM entrants Will be Reserved

This was a small news article on this site - with GRAVE consequences for the future of Indian Industry and Education! By making 50% kids in this top institutes get in virtually of a standard that are nowhere near the rest - it is certain that the quality will decline tremendously! I wonder what Dr. Singh is thinking!!?? There are ways to boost the poorer and lower classes - but this aint one of them!!

The Center today reserved 49.5 percent of the total seats in IITs, IIMs and Central Universities for OBCs, SCs and STs.

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Ashurah: A Barbaric Observance!

There are many gross practices in many religions - but this one called Ashurah takes the cake! You have to got to see the last picture in this post of a father putting a knife on his son's (not more than 2 yrs I am sure!) to bleed him - and with a feeling of evident pride - to see how brain-dead these folks are!! This is an article that you may read if you are ok with the gory pictures! Otherwise stay away!

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