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Stepping into Non-Dual Quantum World Via the Dual Existence


Today, I had a discussion with a friend in the temple. He believe that Vedic philosophy believes in the trinity of God, Being and Nature, while "Vedantic" believes in everything being one. And he was not being able to reconcile between the two. What he thinks is trinity ... is what has been called time and again as Maya... and what he thinks is "Vedantic" non-dualism .. is the final stage of a human perception and knowledge. If I were to take his definitions as the basis.. then "Vedic" will be "Vedantic" when it gets spiritually evolved! As simple as that. Dualism - difference between observer and observed - will be gone.. when the observer ceases to be and be one with the God.

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9 Truths on Fate and Destiny that Lord Ram’s Guru Taught Him


Some interesting nuggets from Vasishtha's Yoga:- IN this world whatever is gained.. is gained only by self effort; where failure is encountered its is seen there has been slackness in the effort. This is obvious; but what is called fate is fictitious and not seen.- Self - effort is of two categories: that of the past births and that of this birth. The latter effectively counteracts the former. Fate is none other than self-effort of a past incarnation. There is constant conflict between these two in this incarnation; and that which is more powerful triumphs.- There is no power greater than right action in the present. Hence, one should take recourse to self -effort, grinding one's teeth, and one should overcome evil by good and fate by present effort.

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Hinduism and Yoga: Is Yoga Hindu?

Is Yoga Hindu

If Yoga is Pure Science, Hinduism is the Application.  If Yoga is Einstein, Hinduism is Steve Jobs.  That is the relationship between the two. Yoga happens when there is no identification.  So in that pursuit and seeking, one starts and remains with a clean slate.  When the un-identified mind reaches …

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Why do Hindus Have So Many Gods?

The Divine Krishna

Moksha or Liberation from the limitations of human existence – basically the Karmic Cycle in existential terms – has been the main goal of all Spiritual pursuits, specifically in India.  Towards that end, Yoga was the means.  If Moksha was the goal, Yoga was the vehicle.  And here, Yoga is …

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How do I Find my Guru?


You don’t.  Period.  How can you?  If you know what it is, you would have found out.  Guru is for seeking.  Seeking is when you Don’t know anything. Spiritual journey is not about information or knowledge.  For, whatever you will know mentally is one, predicated on your conditioning and second, …

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If God is everywhere, Why Should we go to a Temple?

Veerabhadra Temple at Lepakshi

This is a common refrain from people who have started using logic to understand religion.  Specifically Hinduism.  The origin of this statement also comes from how the poets and commentators have equated how people go to look for god in a Church or a Mosque and “He” isn’t there, so …

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Mahashivaratri Special: Who is Shiva?


Shiva is not god.  Shiva is not a deity.  Shiva is the very basis of existence.  The consciousness itself.  Beyond the dualities and the form arising from the motion of conscious energy, there is basic primordial one-ness or better still the nothingness.  That is what Shiva represents. When Sage Vasistha …

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This Diwali Light a Lamp for Humanity’s Future

Diwali lamp

  Diwali celebrations in India start with Dhanteras, followed by Naraka Chaturdasi and then Deepavali on the third day. Diwali is followed by Diwali Padva and then Bhai dooj which celebrates the love between sister and brother. Diwali is celebrated for two main events.  Narakasura was killed by Krishna and Ram …

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Yin and Yang: the basis of life


Interestingly, an average healthy male can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation. On the other hand, women who are on average born with 2 million egg follicles (or where eggs are produced – one per follicle), have only 450 left by the time …

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