Mahashivaratri Special: Who is Shiva?
Shiva is not god.  Shiva is not a deity.  Shiva is the very basis of existence.  The consciousness itself.  Beyond the dualities and the form arising from the motion of conscious energy, there is basic primordial one-ness or better still the nothingness.  That is what Shiva represents. When Sage... Read more
Sathya Sai Baba: Miracles he did, just not the ones you think of

Truth exists at many levels. In media of today, however, “truth” is manufactured based on one’s agenda.

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Did you think Christmas Tree, Exchanging gifts, and celebrating birthdays was Christian? Well, think again. Here is an article that debunks all these as Christian practices! Interesting read….

Merchants regularly report that over 60% of their annual retail sales occur during the Christmas shopping season. This represents a tremendous amount of gift buying. Most today believe that gift-giving comes from the Bible example of the “three wise men” (the Bible gives no number) presenting gifts to Christ. Is this true? Where did exchanging gifts come from, and what does God’s Word say about it?

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Based on my entry Allah vs Other Gods: Tolerance in Islam I got some interesting comments on desicritics post.

Here are some:

what about:
guru nanak. he was later, so no.
buddha. was before, so possibly.
sai baba. now, so no.

to worship allah or ?? , the rivals for the mekkans were Lat, Uzza and Manat deities. this doesn’t change the nature of allah or Uzza, but this is not a statement about their existence , just that they were being worshipped at the time and people converted for practical reasons.. …depends on the understanding .//

the point of 60,89 was to not offend first, and to take offence when attacked. it certainly is not relativist about religion – any one will not do, but dont offend.

yes i agree the line between muslim and non-muslim is quite clearly delineated, but in practice this was not so. because in reality there are shades. and mixture of influences. such as in the popular religions of today.

– Gazelle

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The BJP and its sister parties just seem to have lost the plot big time!! They need to take a re-look at where they are headed in life.. because this is NOT the way forwrad in any scenario! They arent coherent on any policy and go around putting their own office members to peril or plain embarrassing them!!

“The Muslim community is angered by the way some district BJP leaders used filthy language against Muslims in roadside public meetings to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti prior to April 14. They had threatened riots, re-enact of 1987 masjid attack and throwing of shoes on Pir Baba,” most of the office bearers of District BJP Minority Cell said.

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Is US going in the right direction? With so many religious overtones to every aspect of life and governance – we see that people are becoming less tolerant of others. It may be possible that the vandals thought this temple was probably related to the Muslims – which would be indeed sad! Or the vandals were just jealous that a minority community could spend $9 million in that city JUST on a temple! Whatever the reason.. this is something that needs to be addressed here on a long term basis!!

A multi-million dollar temple under construction in mid-west Minnesota was vandalised on April 5 damaging large number of Hindu deities, which were specially imported from India.

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He says my Krishna is an idol;
and I say his Allah has no form.
Pray tell me who is the True one?
She smiled and said
“His mind feels Allah through his thoughts,
Your mind feels Krishna through your hands.
Allah touched is Krishna!”

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Deepak Chopra in one his recent blogs says “Faith will no longer be seen as an irrational departure from reason and science.”

My take is that FAITH IS the biggest problem!! There is a very thin line between faith and orthodoxy! Every mind that has faith, is closed to reason, and all those minds that are closed to reason cannot be open to the Universal!

How can one “experience” the INFINITE by limiting oneself by faith and closing the mind for the “outside”!

Moreover, replacing one “Faith” with another “Faith” does not create a better scenario!! All the Prophets, Saints, Sons of Gods, or Gurus thought that THATS what they were doing – but you know what – ALL were Supreme failures in “introducing” a “better faith”, because for EACH Guru/Saint/Prophet/Son of God – we have MILLIONS of murderers who kill in their name! It is not a quirk of fate, but rather a CONSISTENT FAILURE of the “best minds” in the “Faith Business” to get to terms with a SIMPLE fact – that FAITH KILLS!!

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The current controversy on the Prophet cartoons ceases to stop. And as it grows on around the world – more property and lives are lost. The debate on the range and intensity of response takes on a life of its own in all fora. I have been to at least two group blogs desicritics and Intentblog. There are several types of commentators on this issue:

1. Folks who consider any attempt to hurt wrong

2. Non-muslims who are “liberal” and the way to show their “solidarity” to the Muslims is self-deprecation and ridicule of the other non-muslims. Of course, their “hearts” do beat for “freedom of speech”

3. Muslims who are aghast at the cartoons but just cannot like the west.

4. Muslims who feel bad at the cartoons but feel the reaction is unjustified.

5. Non-muslims who stand up for Freedom of Speech and say reaction is completely unjustified.

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SInce I am on this topic, here is what the US is urging the Muslims – which I totally agree with!! Something that the quote in my last post also conveyed but in an Indian context.

“We would also urge people who are criticizing these cartoons to speak out forcefully against all forms of hate speech, including cartoons and articles throughout parts of the Arab world, which frequently espouse anti-Semitic and anti-Christian views,” McClellan told reporters.

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Got this from this comments from Divya at Intentblog.. was so apt that I had to post it:

“The monotheist reaches the limit of the ludicrous when he struts around as an iconoclast or a butshikan, saying that the false Gods of the infidels could not save themselves from his sword and fire.

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This is what Yahoo reported on the violence on the cartoons. Now, I just dont get this – what the HECK has India and Indians to do with the cartoons?? So why should an ordinary Delhi-ite or Kashmiri be subjected to mindless trouble??!

The main city in Indian-controlled Kashmir came to a standstill as shops, businesses and schools shut down for a day to protest the caricatures. Dozens of Muslim protesters torched Danish flags, burned tires, shouted slogans and hurled rocks at passing cars in several parts of Srinagar.

In the Indian capital of New Delhi, riot police fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse hundreds of students from Jamia University, who chanted slogans and burned a Danish flag.

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This is mindless!! The violence over mere imagination of a cartoonist goes on and on and on!!

Thousands of Muslims rampaged Sunday in Beirut, setting fire to the Danish Embassy, burning Danish flags and lobbing stones at a Maronite Catholic church as violent protests over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad spread from neighboring Syria. Troops fired bullets into the air and used tear gas and water cannons to push the crowds back after a small group of Islamic extremists tried to break through the security barrier outside the embassy. Flames and smoke billowed from the building. Security officials said at least 30 people were injured.

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Cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed printed in September in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten sparked protests, flag burning, and calls for boycotts of Danish products across the Islamic world. These cartoons show the holy Prophet (PBUH) wearing a turban shaped as a bomb with a burning fuse, and another portrays him with a bushy gray beard and holding a sword, with his eyes covered by a black rectangle. Another drawing showed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) standing in the desert with a walking stick in front of a donkey and a sunset. And a fourth depicts a schoolboy near a blackboard.

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What if the court decides that Jesus is a figment of imagination? He never lived?

I was reading Vivekananda a few days back and he was differentiating between “Hindu” religion and others. While others are based on a personality and get their sustenance from the “power” of that ONE person.. Hinduism is a more “open source” kind of philosophy.. Krishna was important.. but He is nothing if He had not been able to deliver Vedas in a concise manner called Gita! He “derives” sustenance FROM the pool of philosophy rather than the other way around as it is in other traditions. Take out the Prophet and Islam collapses.. ditto for Christianity..

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Muta Marriages in Islam

Worship December 20, 2005

Having brought something that is abhorable in the “Hindu system of society” …. let me bring something that is equally disturbing from the Islamic society.. called the M’uta system of Marriage. I am not sure of the veracity of this “tradition” or religious practice that originates from the Prophet’s time… but it would be interesting to know what the well-read Muslims think about this?

Here is something on what the scriptures and the Prophet said on this marriage.

The Sunni authorities agree that mut’a was permitted by the Prophet at certain points during his lifetime, but they maintain that in the end he prohibited it completely. In contrast the Shi’is maintain that the Prophet did not ban it, and they cite numerous hadith from Sunni as well as Shi’i sources to prove this. Having established its legality, they then devote tremendous care and attention to defining its legal status and all the rules and regulations connected with it.

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